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Wednesday Connections Spring 2017


Apr. 5-Apr. 26

Potluck Meal at
5:45 pm
Vespers -6:35 pm
Classes-7 pm
Locations ERUUF Campus
Class Descriptions & Registration below

The ERUUF Adult Programs Team is pleased to announce Wednesday Night Connections will be held this April 2017. Your fellow ERUUFians are offering a fantastic array of courses this spring, and we hope you’ll participate!

A potluck dinner will begin 5:45 pm in the Fellowship Hall, vespers will begin 6:35 pm, and classes will start at 7 pm. Childcare will be provided, and online registration is strongly encouraged for all participants. Please register by Sunday April 2

Potluck meal
This session of Wednesday Night Connections will feature a potluck meal before vespers. The potluck will be at 5:45 pm. Please bring your choicest and most delicious dishes for your fellow ERUUFians to enjoy!


There will be tabling in the Fellowship Hall on Sundays at a special table for Wednesday Night Connections. Look for a brightly colored banner. Please stop by the table and sign up early. You can also pre-register on-line below.

The Adult Programs Team wishes to thank you, in advance, for participating and making Wednesday Night Connections an ongoing success. We also thank each of the facilitators for their vision, preparation, and dedication to adult education at ERUUF.


Are You Walking On Eggshells? How to Improve the Relationship With Your Adult Children

This course will help participants learn how to navigate the relationship with their adult children with respect and love.

Facilitator: Juanita Johnson

Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice, and Sustainability Course

Participants will (1) be introduced to values, visions, and practical actions they can take toward a more peaceful, just and sustainable world; (2) become aware of entrenched values and assumptions that reinforce destructive practices and unhealthy systems; (3) develop systems thinking skills, which allow them to see the connections between and promote peace, justice and sustainability; and (4) be inspired to become leaders toward peace, justice and sustainability in their own communities and spheres of influence.

Facilitator: Denise Frizzell

Learning "Steps of Community Building" through High School Youth Group games & Coming of Age activities taken from current UUA curricula

Participants will have some fun together learning how to be consciously competent in recognizing the state of, and your role in, the groups you are attached to.

Facilitators: Chris Cayer & ERUUF High School Youth

How Can We Better Understand People We Perceive as Different?

Are you more likely to judge than try to understand someone you perceive as “different?” If so, you have lots of company—that’s almost all of us. That’s why we’re offering this interactive and experiential class to help us all wade a little further into the shallow end of the pool toward seeking to understand and communicate with people we see as different or that we disagree with. Join us for the journey to “where few dare to go” but almost all who do are glad they did. We think you’ll be glad too.

Facilitators: Dan Grandstaff and members of ERUUF's Multicultural Team

Embodied Presence: A Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® Class

Let’s engage our curiosity, our sense of inquiry, our willingness to listen, our desire to learn, and our desire for peace in an exploration of ourselves.  How is it that we support ourselves physically?  How do we self-organize for action in the world?  Do we treat ourselves kindly?  Do we work harder than necessary in order to be effective?   Using learning strategies from the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education, we will explore how the interplay of awareness, moving, thinking, feeling, and sensing can tap into the neuroplastic capacity of our brain to create startling changes in our neuromuscular coordination.  You may leave class feeling longer, lighter, stronger, more comfortable, more relaxed, with fuller breathing, and with improved posture and alignment.  You may discover a surprising sense of just how effortlessly you can physically support yourself in the world.

(I welcome all who can lie on the floor comfortably.  Bring a mat, thick blanket or sleeping bag on which to lie, and two big towels to fold to create support for your head.  Wear comfortable clothes for movement.  DRESS IN LAYERS.)

Facilitator: Karen Dold