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April 30, 2017

"How Could This Happen?"

Rev. Nathan Hollister, Guest Preacher

The social, economic, and political climate that we find ourselves in today did not emerge spontaneously—it was created. And guess what? We had a hand in it, too. In honor of May Day, Rev. Nathan Hollister will share thoughts on how we got here, on the deterioration of our democracy, and on how we can form the power necessary to build it back up.

Rev. Nathan Hollister is a third-generation UU who leads the ministry of Sacred Fire Unitarian Universalist, which is actively planting and growing deliberate communities of interdependence and solidarity all across the country. A community organizer since his teenage years, he serves on the faculty of Meadville Lombard theological school, on the board of the UUSC, and teaches courses on social transformation for organizers, activists, UUs, and beyond. “Nato” lives and makes trouble with his partner Maddie in Carrboro, NC.