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Listening Session Gathers Ideas for Durham CAN

by Heather Ladd

On February 25, following the second service coffee hour, the ERUUF Durham CAN team will be holding a listening session for the congregation with a focus on availability of and access to jobs and employment in Durham. Please save the date and plan to be there. Durham CAN has kicked off their jobs campaign for 2018 and the first step is hearing from congregations that are members of Durham CAN. Our stories are what will help shape the focus of this campaign. 

Just last night, I was working in the Clothing Closet at UMD and met a gentleman who was justice involved. I thanked him for being patient as I helped people who were ahead of him in line. He told me he knew all about patience having been incarcerated for 7 years and recently released with no place to go (family out of state) and no employment. He seemed optimistic, but he was on the street at this point. I can't imagine the amount of courage it would take to reintegrate. I wished him luck, but I want to do something to actually help. That's why I'm committed to this campaign.

Are you willing to take on a larger role on the 25th? We need to get a few extra people who can serve as facilitators that day. Your role would be to lead a small group of 10-12 during the Feb. 25 session. Never done this before? No problem! We're going to have a short training/practice on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 7:30 pm via zoom. (You don't even have to leave your home!) If you can't make that due to a prior commitment, no worries. One of us can meet with you individually.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to one of us in the next couple days:

Dick Hails - 
Heather Ladd - 
Sam Wohns - 
Emily Cox - 
Jacqueline Brett - 
In fellowship,
Heather and the ERUUF CAN Team