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Stewardship Council

The Stewardship Council was convened in the fall of 2016 by the Coordinating Team in order to “work with the lead minister and staff to help develop a culture of generosity (i.e., the giving of treasure, time, and/or talent) and stewardship (i.e., the practice of taking care of what is loved) at ERUUF.”   

Charge to the Stewardship Council

Why?  Because generosity enhances the wellbeing of those to whom it is given, and the act of generosity enhances and heightens the spirituality of those who freely express it. Planful generosity helps us, in a very tangible way, to directly support that which enhances our own personal, spiritual, and moral values and beliefs. And, of course, fostering the practice of generosity and stewardship is important to ensure that our community continues to thrive, by nurturing all the people and means that enable and support the spiritual mission of ERUUF.  

To begin addressing this charge, the Stewardship Council is sponsoring a Next Steps Weekend (NSW) on Sept. 22-24, 2017 which will be led by an experienced consultant, Mark Ewert, from the “Stewardship For Us Team” (consultants who have deep experience helping UU congregations build cultures of generosity and commitment).  During this weekend, Mark will conduct a series of small group discussions with Ministers, the Board of Trustees, senior office staff, and lay leaders from a wide range of committees to learn more about our current culture and to conduct an examination of the congregation’s strengths, challenges, risks, and opportunities.

The report and recommendations which come out of this weekend will be used by the Coordinating Team and the Stewardship Council to move forward with plans that enhance stewardship at ERUUF.

Current members of the Stewaredship Council: Mark Henault, chair, Beth Harvat, Chris Folger, Linda Brooks, Clint McSherry, Cindy Kuhn, Sue Coon, David Mills, and Rose Auman.