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Saving Democracy with UU Values Workshop Inspires

The forty-nine people who participated in this very informative workshop on March 4 came away inspired and motivated.  The workshop, as publicized, truly built “our capacity to seek truth, act courageously, resist oppression, and work individually and collectively to preserve our fundamental democratic institutions”. Starting with some humorous videos of comedians poking fun at politicians,

the group then named the policy and political issues that had each attendee most concerned. Sharing in small groups how each person was coping and ways they were acting on, joining, or refusing to do certain actions in light of the current environment proved informative, supportive and community building.

Several presentations gave people many ideas of ways they could be active and make a difference:

  • Audrey Green put together a Resource Guide that lists strategies for action, sources and vetting of information, all kinds of activist organizations and a suggested reading/viewing list.  This very helpful Guide will live on Google docs and be updated continuously.
  • Sara Terry talked about the People’s Alliance and their issue-oriented education and community building efforts, such as the Resistance Rodeo that was being held the same afternoon.
  • Andrea Stein and Becca Zerkin talked about Neighbors on Call – a new activist group formed to advance progressive policy and elected officials in NC.  Part of their mission is to educate their members about how government works and how to affect policy.
  • Amassa Fauntleroy talked about the Justice Ministry Council at ERUUF and the many Action Groups here that fall into five areas of concern.
  • David Chandek-Stark gave presentations on how to use Social Media and write effective letters

 People were asked to reflect on next steps they might take regarding individual advocacy strategies, self-care strategies, personal reflection about clarifying values and/or engaging with groups.

Are you feeling called, impacted, frustrated, needing to do something, confused, disillusioned, overwhelmed, determined by the current social and political environment?  The Saving Democracy Resource Guide is a good start to moving forward with resistance and hope!