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 A July Bouquet of Slightly Random Information


I hope you were able to attend the online June 28 UUA General Assembly Sunday service, because it was deeply moving. And did anything look familiar? In addition to a great sermon and music, the Rev. Mykal Slack, who lives in Durham, was one of the preachers and Mykal recorded his parts of the service in the ERUUF sanctuary.

The programing at GA is decided months in advance, and many of this year’s programs focused on Native American rights and issues, and racial equity and inclusion outside and within our own Association. This year’s Ware Lecturer, Naomi Klein, spoke about the Green New Deal and how it’s designed to address intersecting contemporary crises, including climate change and the need in a COVID-19 world for a whole new world economy. UUs don’t always get it right, for sure. In fact, many of this year’s programs addressed some of the ways we’ve been spectacularly wrong. But taken as a whole I was struck by how GA managed to shine a bright light at the heart of great world crises long before COVID-19 and the current uprisings for racial justice. And that this is true because this is how UUs put our love and commitment into action.

At ERUUF we’re shining our light brightly this summer in the form of some terrific programs that I hope you’ll check out: Odyssey at 9:00 am on Sunday morning; Children’s Chapel 9:30-10:15 am on Sunday; and the worship service is at 10:30. The Multicultural Team (MCT) is hosting a film and discussion series; there’s a 30- Day Racial Equity Challenge (now closed at over 100 participants); and in August the MCT has plans for a multiracial dialogue program. And there’s more—check e-news and the weekly calendar as our groups continue to add new programs.

At ERUUF we’ve let our light and love shine through our programs and care for each other over the past several months. The staff, in particular, have been doing this pretty intensely, and in July and August will take some much-needed vacation at staggered times. So this summer we’re going to have simplified Sunday worship that won’t ask so much of our tech team. We’ll also draw from the terrific “library” of homemade videos that our musicians have developed, so stay tuned for repeats of some of the very special creations from this past spring.



Religious Education 2019-20 Annual Report 
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