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Care Blossoms


The windy month of March brings with it the beautiful signs of Spring. They are all around our ERUUF campus and our neighborhoods. Trees bursting forth with color and bulbs breaking through the earth's surface, all beckoning us to step outdoors, to work in our yards, to feel the earth in our hands, and to smell the fresh air with its hints of floral fragrance. Amidst this rhythm, one can experience nature's opening and with it comes expanding light and the lengthening of days.

Each week in our beloved community, I observe outpourings of care. I am a grateful witness to a benevolent compassion that runs throughout our ERUUF fellowship. Members work toward social justice and support the wider community in dealing with immigration issues. Members extend love and caring with a hug or kind word within the fellowship. Yes, goodness and kindness filter throughout our community. Many respond to need and accept invitation to serve thereby extending our Pastoral Care Associates team and strengthening our ability to support our community. Together we are weaving strength and deepening our spiritual practices. My heart is full as I offer gratitude for the tapestry of our diverse community and our work together.

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