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Good Grief


Good grief! We, in NC, know the magnitude of Hurricane Florence’s wind and rain. Severe flooding has wreaked havoc south and east of the Triangle; and, it will take many years to recover. People, livestock, pets, fish and other wild critters are displaced. There is much to grieve in the loss of lives, homes and other structural damage. Good grief! 2000+ people are still in shelters. Many people are seeking basic survival supplies to support their families.

Good grief!  

And…as Governor Cooper surveyed the damage throughout the affected areas and extended a compassionate hand to so many people, he responded “We will get through this…One thing I know - North Carolinians are strong. North Carolinians are resilient. People…are helping each other. Neighbors are helping neighbors. Communities of faith are stepping up.

Good grief!   Many in our ERUUF community are experiencing grief not connected with Florence. Their grief relates to a different storm-- the inward parts of oneself–wrestling with loss of a relative, a life partner, or dear friend. Good grief! These losses are often difficult to navigate!

Yet, isn’t grieving one’s intimate loss a natural expression of love? An ongoing love of the relationship with that person who is no longer present? All parts of our physicality, spirituality, emotional state of being, cognitive awareness become jumbled as they reset into new rhythms of daily living. It is a process during which one can grow and discover that these feelings are signs of healthy grief. Good grief!

Our ERUUF Care Ministry has expanded its resources to support those experiencing grief by becoming a coalition member of Growing Thru Grief, a confidential safe place “to share and explore grief’s pathways and one’s experiences with those who understand the journey”. Good grief!

Meetings are weekly throughout the year and stand alone. Each meeting provides support for those dealing with any of the many ways loss of a loved one can affect our lives. A six-week educational series of journeying through grief is beginning now at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Show up when you can or plan to attend the entire series.

One thing I know about our ERUUF community...hands reach out for help and hands respond with help. Our Care Ministry is here to support you in times of need. We are a resilient people and with the help of one another we more easily can traverse the challenges that come our way…with love.

Peace, Stacy

Holding you in my heart for whatever loss you are navigating <3

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