Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


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I've been reflecting this month on the various ways our community finds refreshment and renewal of mind, body and spirit. June is the month UUA gathers at General Assembly, which you know well is a place and time for such refreshment.

During these summer days many vacation with their family and friends. Some choose a 'stay-cation' to rest and recharge near home, some travel to far off places, while others choose to find retreats or 'camp' style gatherings, such as Star Island and SUUSI for their refreshment. I recently attended a Jewish Renewal biannual spiritual gathering at UMass where over 500 people from across the globe joined together in community and sacred space seeking fellowship, education, and spiritual renewal.

How do we take the nuggets of these brief gatherings of refreshment that warm our hearts and minds into the rest of our daily living? I imagine each of you has your own practice that supports you. And yet, the common thread I hear from you is the joy of being in community! We share our joys, sorrows, and friendships with those we hold dear in our hearts. We are beings who need community and thrive in community, as we share common interests and causes, educational and spiritual growth within the UU framework. ERUUF is a place where we can continue to nurture the sparks that refresh us.

Our ERUUF campus, so beautifully maintained by members of our congregation, offers floral and arboreal enjoyment along with a shady walking trail including a bench for quiet meditation. There are so many opportunities for us to drink from the well of abundance that surrounds us to receive enrichment for our daily living. Perhaps you’ll choose to meet a friend, take a walk together, enjoy the fruits of your time together, here at ERUUF… in community.



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