Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.

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Seasons of Life


It finally feels like winter around here, and for this short season I welcome it. The chance to slow down and eat dinner in front of a fire, flip through a seed catalog, doodle and splash some color onto a clean page, make a call to a longtime friend for an overdue chat, all beckon with promise.

Outside by day bare winter branches reach for the clear blue sky. Around six in the evening Venus has been blazing just above the horizon, while bright diamond stars twinkle against the black velvet of the night.

All these things, all this love and beauty fills me up when I take time to listen, to look, to really hear and see. And when I do, these simple, eternal things sustain me through the bitter freezing of this season when so much is at stake for our country and beloved planet.

What do you love about January? What sustains you when cold winds blow?



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Pardon Our Dust

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