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Summer Reflections from Rev. Cayer


Thunder rumbles overhead and I’m trying to remember…is this a part of a normal early August afternoon? I hope so, because otherwise it’s way too easy to view it as an ominous foreshadowing of what’s still ahead with the pandemic, racial justice, hurricane season, climate change, the November elections, and more.

This summer I’m trying hard to acknowledge things that concern me without going down Disaster Lane to Apocalypse Village. I’m trying to let my fear alert me to what’s most important so that I can make informed choices. I’m trying to let my anger point out what I love and care about most so I can tend those worthy people and causes. When I do this I suddenly remember the thrill just ahead of an approaching storm--the cooling breeze just before rain sweeps in, the deep violet-blue clouds that carry more water than a small pond.

What’s your summer been like?

How are you coping with a world that’s suddenly come down to the size of a 7” screen? How are you dealing with the information that sometimes arrives like a flash flood through your mind and heart? I’m aiming for a balanced life—gardening, cooking most meals from scratch, a stack of interesting library books (what an amazing social distance check out system!), online art classes, zoom calls with family and friends, as much genuine humor and laughter as possible.
So much is a challenge when it’s 102o and 92% humidity, but this too shall pass. Meanwhile, I’ve found a good book and 25 recipes for gourmet popsicles, all made with fruit, some also with adult beverages. And it’s already August. The relief that normally comes when the heat relents is sure to come eventually.

Note: I’ll be on vacation August 10-31. If you need anything urgently please reach out to Rev. Jacqueline, Rev. Stacy or Daniel. I’ll look forward to “seeing you” in September.




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