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We Come with a Dream

20180830_160544 Art by Dawn Hummer

We Come with a Dream

created by the Soul Matters Team

We come bound by the threads of a dream

Of all walking together side by side,

none of us above or below

Less or more or forgotten.

A dream that more is possible

even more than we have yet imagined.

A dream of kindness and connection

that softens and turns us toward each other with tenderness.

A dream of courage and commitment

that will enable us to stay the course 

and admit where we have gone astray.

May this vision comfort and challenge.

May it weave us together and never let us go

until the dream is made real.


All effort, all building begins with a vision, a dream of how life could be, if….  What?  What is your dream for yourself, family, and friends?   What future do you dream of?   What’s one small move you could make in that direction?



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