Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.

Rev. Stacy Grove

The Unknowing

Last Sunday ERUUF re-opened for in-person worship after closing 2 years earlier! YAY! The campus was abuzz with young, old, in-betweens, and our newest members stepping on campus for the first time, all eagerly greeting one another. It is amazing how we recognized one another, even with our masks, with joy and gratitude to be together again.
We are being ‘awakened’ in new ways to the interconnectedness of all humanity and the ripple effect of that interconnectedness through our actions. As a response to the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic that has affected every one of us, people are finding creative ways to give expression to their feelings through po
Ahhh… we’re finally getting a delightful taste of crisp weather! The shortening days signal the transition to a fall season with glorious leaf color, bird migrations and fresh scented air. Upcoming elections and world political, social and economic challenges may create greater uncertainty that can add to the stressors of daily living. I believe as
Good grief! We, in NC, know the magnitude of Hurricane Florence’s wind and rain. Severe flooding has wreaked havoc south and east of the Triangle; and, it will take many years to recover. People, livestock, pets, fish and other wild critters are displaced. There is much to grieve in the loss of lives, homes and other structural damage. Good grief!
Jane Fonda recently was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by director Michael Moore at the Traverse City Film Festival. She’s known for her career as an actress. Now, at age 80, she continues to be an inspiration as an activist and an elder, as she speaks for the environment and other causes. A few months ago as part of my Sage-ing® Legacy tra
I've been reflecting this month on the various ways our community finds refreshment and renewal of mind, body and spirit. June is the month UUA gathers at General Assembly, which you know well is a place and time for such refreshment. During these summer days many vacation with their family and friends. Some choose a 'stay-cation' to rest and recha
The phrase ‘it takes a village’ is often used to describe the many ways we acknowledge the importance and value community plays in the midst of our daily lives. Here at ERUUF on a recent Tuesday afternoon, I witnessed the ‘village’ come together as the sanctuary filled with people from ERUUF and the broader community to honor Sue Coon. Nineteen cel
Currently in Nebraska, I am participating in the Ancestral Healing Walk from Rosebud, SD to Ft Laramie, WY culminating April 29th when we process into the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires) treaty camp that will be gathering at the fort. It is a remembrance of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the 1868 Treaty with US government and Native Am
The windy month of March brings with it the beautiful signs of Spring. They are all around our ERUUF campus and our neighborhoods. Trees bursting forth with color and bulbs breaking through the earth's surface, all beckoning us to step outdoors, to work in our yards, to feel the earth in our hands, and to smell the fresh air with its hints of flora...
Throughout these past weeks I have been reflecting upon the beautiful tapestry of our diverse ERUUF community. There are so many ways to find one's place here and develop relationships within this spiritual home. With any large community there are always individuals who are living in the midst of some life challenge which can be supported by the Pa...