finding yourself at eruuf We invite each person who arrives at ERUUF to embark on pathways of spiritual growth and engagement in our liberal progressive faith.

The Finding Yourself At ERUUF courses are designed to support your commitment to personal and spiritual growth, while also deepening your understanding of our UU faith and the values we hold as a covenantal community. Throughout the process, you’ll likely find that your relationships at ERUUF will become stronger as well.

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The Inquirers Series covers basics about the values, culture and ministries of the Fellowship.



Members can begin their journey with courses designed to support a commitment to personal and spiritual growth.



Leaders and stewards of the congregation choose and offer courses that support the growth of their UU identity.

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  • Don’t think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money. — Voltaire

    Money plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives. For better or for worse, it connects us to one another. Depending on how we approach and understand it, our relationship with money can enhance or limit our ability to live our lives to the fullest. Over time, most of us dedicate a significant part of our lives to earning money. We use significant energy planning and worrying about both the money we have and the money we don’t have. We agonize over how to plan for the future and how to use money to support what we care most about. We use money to respond with compassion to events in the world, to advance causes we believe in, and to support justice-making efforts. We engage in—or avoid engaging in—money conversations with those close to us and with fellow travelers in the groups and communities of which we are a part.

  • The Inquirers Series is offered each Sunday morning to welcome and inform visitors and friends about ERUUF. Members are welcome as well. You will converse with ministers, staff, and lay leaders as you learn about ERUUF’s values, culture and ministries, along with basics about Unitarian Universalism. Eight topics are covered, one per session, and then repeated throughout the year.

  • Spiritual Practice

    Spiritual Practice

    Spiritual Practice is a 12-session series that helps participants develop regular disciplines of the spirit – practices that help us connect with the sacred. Spiritual Practice affirms religious diversity while seeking unity in our communal quest for meaning and wholeness. Each session offers a forum for learning, sharing, and growth that can enrich our personal faith journeys.

    1. Defining Spiritual Practice
    2. Finding Your Spiritual Practice
    3. Keeping Sabbath
    4. Prayer
    5. Meditation
    6. Mindful Walking & Eating
    7. Worship & Ritual
    8. Discernment & Devotional Reading
    9. Hospitality & Belonging
    10. Work & Service
    11. Retreat
    12. Life As Spiritual Practice

    To register, see upcoming classes at the calendar below.


  • UU Elevator Speech

    UU Elevator Speech

    UU Elevator Speech is a 3-session course that guides participants in developing a short statement about our Unitarian Universalist faith. It is called an “elevator speech” because, on an elevator ride when someone asks, “What is Unitarian Universalism?” you only have a short time to make a meaningful statement!

    1. It’s Not a Credo
    2. Writing Your Elevator Speech
    3. Sharing Your Elevator Speech

    To register, see upcoming classes at the calendar below.


  • UU Theology

    UU Theology

    UU Theology is a 6-session introduction to the concepts that undergird the religious orientation of our fellowship – one that includes humanism, atheism and the deep questioning of all of congregants. Each session addresses a different aspect of the systematic and integral vision of Unitarian Universalism – including basic concepts and the evolving understanding of what they mean for us.

    One aim of this course is to educate, to shed light on what theology is, and introduce traditional components of systematic thinking about matters of God and the significance of our human lives. An important aim of the course is to help each of us to clarify what the UU tradition defines as a “beloved community” and also to investigate what fidelity to a covenant community means for you. 

    UU Theology is designed for those who have attended some or all of the following: Inquirers Series, Spiritual Practice, UU History 101, and UU Elevator Speech. You are encouraged to participate in UU Theology as a series, attending all the sessions, in order to get the most out of the course.

    1. What is UUTheology?
    2. Encouragement to Spiritual Growth: The Nature of God and Spirit
    3. Theological Anthropology: Human Nature and the Good Life
    4. Eschatology - Facing Fear and Hope
    5. Process and Liberation Theology - Living in Fidelity
    6. Ecumenism - Expanding the Beloved Community 

    To register, see upcoming classes at the calendar below. 


  • Coming of Age for Adults

    Coming of Age for Adults

    Coming of Age for Adults is a 6-session series designed for adults of all ages to explore their spiritual journey and religious identity. You will reflect on how you got to now, engage with texts as they relate to your spiritual life, and craft a statement about who you are as a person of faith. 


    1. Coming of Age...For Adults?
    2. Stages of Faith
    3. Your Spiritual Journey
    4. Statements of Faith
    5. Developing Your Statement of Faith
    6. Sharing Your Statement of Faith

    To register, see upcoming classes at the calendar below.