Looking for deeper fellowship with fellow ERUUFians? Join a Covenant Group or Covenant Circle! These meet in different geographic areas at least once per month. There may be one near you.

What are Covenant Groups & Chalice Circles?

chalice.windowOngoing small groups of 8 to 10 people who typically gather for spiritual exploration, reflection, mutual support, and service. Each group develops a covenant about how they will relate to one another and function as a group. Each group is led by a trained facilitator who is an ERUUF member.

Covenant Groups:

  • meet 2 times per month
  • are ongoing groups
  • complete 2 service projects per year (1 for the congregation, 1 for the wider community)

Chalice Circles:

  • meet 1 time per month
  • have an end date (usually 8-9 sessions)
  • complete 1 service project

How Do Covenant Groups and Chalice Circles Work?

Groups meet in members' homes or at ERUUF. The group meetings follow an established pattern. They start with a short reading. Next comes a "check in" period when members share what is on their minds or what has happened recently in their lives. Then comes a time for individual sharing and deep listening. Topics are chosen by the group and may focus on ethical or spiritual issues as well as topics for personal sharing. The group ends at the agreed-upon time, usually with closing words. Some groups include light refreshments as part of their meeting.

Why consider Covenant Groups and Chalice Circles?

The small size, regular meetings, and personal sharing help members develop a "home base" for their involvement in ERUUF. Because groups also perform at least one service project each year, it is an opportunity to put into the practice the values we hold.

What is the commitment that's involved?

Members commit to meeting once or twice a month for 2 hours per meeting—unless sick, traveling, or have a family conflict. Most people find the meetings and community connection deeply nourishing and fulfilling.

Program Guidelines for Covenant Groups and Chalice Circles

pdfProgram Guidelines for Covenant Groups and Chalice Circles

New Member Policy

Interested in joining a covenant group or chalice circle? Here's what to do:

pdfNew Member Policy - 2018

Program Policies

for Covenant Groups and Chalice Circles

Updated in 2015: pdfCGCCPrgrmPolicies2014Feb.pdf