Care Ministries Team

The Care Ministries Team supports our members and friends during times of crises and change as well as times of joyful transition. Most of this work is done by Pastoral Care Associates and the Card Writing team.  Please check out our many care ministries.

Send joys, milestones, or sorrows to:

If you are in need of care or would like to volunteer, please contact Rev. Stacy Grove  ().

Contact Person: Ann Ringland
Role: Chair

Clicking for a Cause

We are a group of knitters and crocheters who meet regularly for fellowship, spiritual growth, and service.

Our mission is threefold:

  • To create comfort and warmth for our community through gifts and donations crafted from needles and yarn.
  • To encourage needle workers to transform the rhythm of knitting and crocheting into a spiritual practice.
  • To promote Unitarian Universalism through our donations and by opening our activities to needle workers seeking community.

Read more: Clicking for a Cause

Contact Person: Linda Brown or Heather Ladd
Role: co-chairs

Fellowship Family

If you want to share your joy, sorrow or milestone with ERUUF through our monthly newsletter Currents, please fill out a Joys, Sorrows and Milestones Card (found in the pew rack or on the counter in the gallery) and place it in the collections plate, the Care Ministires mail box,the Consulting Pastoral Care Minister's mail box or the wooden box on the right side of the center counter in the gallery.  You can also send an e-mail with the information to .

Contact Person: Joyce Boucheron
Role: Coordinator

Care Ministry Table

During Coffee Hour after most Sunday services, you are invited to visit with ERUUF Pastoral Care Associates. You can send a card to someone with a joy, sorrow or milestone, and you can see the beautiful items created by Clickers.  This is also a time when you can speak with one of the Associates or the Consulting Pastoral Care Minister about your caring concerns. 

Care Teams

When an ERUUF member with a serious health issue needs on-going support, a calendar is created to coordinate people who are willing to help in specific ways. This team of volunteers will work closely with the member and family to help meet their needs. More about Care Teams

Contact Person: Joyce Boucheron
Role: Care Team
Staff Partner: Rev. Stacy Grove, Consulting Pastoral Care Minister

Depression Support Group

Since 2000, ERUUF has sponsored a small, confidential self-help group for persons with chronic mood disorders.  ERUUFians who would like to participate in the group should contact Rev. Stacy Grove. Pre-screening is required, and space is limited.

Staff Partner: Rev. Stacy Grove, Consulting Pastoral Care Minister