Phased Reopening Guidelines Update 

This is a brief update to share ERUUF’s plans for a Phased Reopening of our campus. These June 2021 Guidelines will remain in place until the CDC advises otherwise, and unless new cases of COVID-19 rise and necessitate returning to more restrictive measures of containment.  

In general, at ERUUF we always seek to create a culture of respect and care for all.  During all remaining phases of reopening, masks will be worn to protect the most vulnerable who are not yet vaccinated

  • in worship services
  • whenever children are present
  • at the discretion of the group during meetings of adults

Beginning July 1, which will give staff time to prepare building space and procedures, ERUUF Groups may meet indoors by making a reservation through the Office. Group leaders will view a very short orientation video and communicate the updated safety rules to the whole group. Group size is limited to 50% capacity in most rooms (admin staff will provide this info). Contact the Office for more information. Food and drink will not be prepared or shared at this time. Adults and children may bring their own hydration and snacks as needed.    

In addition, Music Groups with a designated leader may rehearse in the Sanctuary.  The Group Leader must view a brief orientation video and communicate updated safety rules to the group. The Group members must wear masks when singing; use the HEPA filter; distance 6’ in all directions.  Rehearsals are limited to 75 people in the Sanctuary.    

Sunday worship will remain online only in July while our full-time ministers are away. We had previously arranged for a stellar lineup of recorded guest UU preachers from across our religious movement to preach specifically for our congregation; that information will be posted on our website. Summer Worship Leader, Rev. Patty Hanneman, will be here to coordinate and lead Sunday services from our Sanctuary with our Worship Associates, Kate Lewis, and additional recorded music.  

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Memorials and Weddings are currently for ERUUF members only (see full policy for additional information). 

9:30 am Sunday morning RE for Children will remain outside, though inside space is available in case of extreme weather (rain, heat, etc.).  

In August, the Sanctuary will be under some construction while we install AV, and sightlines and sound will be limited. Even so, we know this is vitally important to some people, and so we’ll begin a process to reopen the Sanctuary. People may also choose to attend the service with others in the Fellowship Hall (via Livestream).     

Services will continue to be Livestreamed, but will now begin at 11:00 am on Sunday morning.  

August 8 will be Sunday Teams Day. Greeters, Visitor Hosts, Worship Associates, and Sound Team members ONLY are invited to attend the in-person 11:00 am service. Afterward, we will share insights and feedback, and train for new procedures.   

August 15, 22, 29, and September 5 up to 100 members are welcome to attend the service in the Sanctuary—with the understanding that the experience will be incomplete in terms of visuals and audio. In addition, the Fellowship Hall will be open with distanced seating for 50 people who would prefer a more comprehensive worship experience in the company of fellow members. 9:30 am RE for Children continues, mainly outside with masks, though inside space is available in case of extreme weather. 

September 12 and following Sundays (if Sanctuary AV project is complete)  


RE 1st day in-person for children at 9:30 am; classes meet outside as much as possible    

New this year: an ADULT Class at 9:30 am   

10:30 am  Chapel for All Ages in the Sanctuary  or children’s music groups 

11:00 am Service for All (in person and Livestream)   

Noon—online sermon/service discussion led by Worship Associates 

Inquirers (in-person/online TBD)

1:00 pm Sunday program groups in person (online inclusion TBD)   

Youth Groups resume

Weddings and Memorials for non-members may be held 

In-person Connections Fair will take place on October 3. Online options will also be in place.