As a spiritual community, members of ERUUF strive to create a culture of respect and care for one another. Beginning March 18, 2022, our campus will reopen for indoor and outdoor use by groups and classes in accord with public health standards  

This policy will be in effect as long as new covid cases in Durham, North Carolina remain at a medium (or lower) rate of new infections. If public health conditions deteriorate, we will return to previous restrictions as recommended by CDC, NC DHHS, etc.   

Beginning March 20, 2022 Worship services at 10:45 am will be both in-person and live stream. Masks are required for in-person attendance by congregants. Worship leaders, including cantors, do not have to wear a mask while leading services. Choir members will continue to wear masks while singing in order to reduce the viral load in the air.    

New: For people of all ages, outdoor use of masks in all programs and classes are welcome, but not required.    

Indoors, masks are also welcome at all programs and classes for all ages, but not required in small groups and classes. Windows in rooms should be partially opened to increase air exchange.  

If anyone in the group or class is immunocompromised and requests that everyone in the group wear masks, participants will wear masks.   

Snacks and beverages may be consumed.  

While we strongly encourage vaccinations and boosters for everyone who’s eligible, we will no longer be collecting proof of vaccination status.  

Social time after the service will take place, but actual coffee will not be served until later this spring (stay tuned).