The rate of new covid cases is declining in North Carolina. By CDC measures the rate here is down to “substantial”(less than 5%) from a former “high” level. Our overall levels of those who’ve had one vaccine dose and those who are fully vaccinated have also risen dramatically. For these reasons, after checking with our team of medical professionals, we feel comfortable that we can safely welcome adults back to campus in person beginning Sunday, November 14 for the 11:00 am service with masks and social distancing. Children’s programs will continue as usual. 

Adult programs and groups may reserve space on campus through the office if all members of the group agree to meet in person.  Rooms in the CARE Building have been equipped with Zoom for in-person meetings to allow for participation remotely as well as in person. Contact the office for information about how to use this feature for your group. Thanks again to our team of health care professionals, Barbara Sheline, Nancy Henley, Nicky Yates, Ruby Long, and Ross McKinney who review our safety plans.