ERUUF Coronavirus Updates

November 22, 2022

As a spiritual community, we at ERUUF strive to create a culture of respect and care for one another. Our Covid-19 policies have been guided by serious concern and consideration for the safety and well-being of all ERUUF members, staff, and visitors, with a commitment to equity and care for the most vulnerable among us and those who are marginalized both at ERUUF and in the larger community.

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  • Online Together

    Online Together


    Sunday Worship Services begin at 10:00 am both online and in-person. 


    Masks are required for in-person attendance by congregants.


    Worship leaders and music soloists do not have to wear a mask while presenting at services.

    Choir members will continue to mask while singing.


    Attend Sunday Worship services via ERUUF's YouTube Channel or Facebook page. Look for the LIVE NOW label.   


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  • Next Service

    Next Service


    Sunday, December 4, 2022: 10:00 am (online and IN-PERSON)

    Advent Service
    Worship Leader: Rev. Daniel Trollinger and ERUUF Christian Fellowship
    Music: River Folk, Kate Lewis - Pianist; Kristi Chilton & Pam DiLavore, cantors

    Slow Down. Sink into Silence. Prepare to Plant Hope. It's Advent!

    It's Christmastime -- the do-it-now, get-it-done, hurry, party, shop-‘til-you-drop season. However, among Christians, the four weeks before Christmas mark the season of Advent -- a time of reflection, renewal, and preparation for the coming of the Light and the planting of Hope. At today's service, ERUUF's Christian Fellowship will guide us in an exploration of the value of hopeful anticipation, carving out a bit of quiet, and replenishing our inner Spirit so we are prepared to spread Hope into the world throughout the coming year. 

    Advent Resources for UUs

  • Events



    Check with your group leader or contact for the event to see if the group is meeting virtually.

  • Diane Blount
  • Green Sanctuary A
  • Lisa Jones
  • Interfaith Circle
  • Flower Communion
  • sunshine kids
  • candlelight bw
  • Richard Harkrader

ERUUF Drummers Circle

Thu, May 5 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Whether it’s a cow bell, a Native American prayer drum, a Latin conga, or an African shekere, there’s room for your song at the Eno River Drum Circle. We’re an inclusive, fun, and rhythmic community that welcomes drummers of all styles and stripes  regardless of experience, age, or drumming tradition.

Drumming is a village experience. It's inter-generational and gender neutral. No skills are required, just a willingness to play and have fun. Our motto: it doesn’t matter how well you play, it matters how well you play with others. We focus on listening to the whole song and finding a place for your unique voice.  Bring your percussion instruments (there’s always plenty of extras to share), drum stories, and traditions to share with the group.

We play traditional rhythms from all over the world as well as spontaneous creations, giving ourselves a license to experiment and experience joy.  Contact Cliff Missen.