ERUUF Coronavirus Updates

August 2022

As a spiritual community, members of ERUUF strive to create a culture of respect and care for one another. With the end of mask mandates in most public places, COVID variants are on the rise. Thankfully, with vaccines and boosters, the health impact on most people can be minimized.

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  • Online Together

    Online Together


    Sunday Worship Services begin at 10:00 am both online and in-person. 


    Masks are required for in-person attendance by congregants.


    Worship leaders do not have to wear a mask while leading services.

    Cantor/Choir members will continue to wear masks while singing in order to reduce the viral load in the air.


    Attend Sunday Worship services via ERUUF's YouTube Channel or Facebook page. Look for the LIVE NOW label.   


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  • Next Service

    Next Service


    Sunday, Sunday, August 14, 2022: 10:00 am (online and IN-PERSON)

    Being Beloved Community - Annual Poetry Service
    Rev. Jacqueline Brett with Rev. Daniel Trollinger and Rev. Jim Lewis
    Music: Wendy Looker and Kate Lewis

    This year's annual poetry service explores the many ways we're in Beloved Community together, featuring poems that express a range of experiences from the personal to our broadest callings and aspirations as a people together. Poems range from those by Maya Angelou and Dante Alighieri to Margaret Walker, along with original writings, presented by ERUUFians across a spectrum of generations and gender identities: Stella Axline, Jay Giles, Dominique Grimes-Medlin, Lisa Jones, Simon Kaplan, Finn Lueck-Wright, Gerda Presson, and Joan Tilghman.

  • Events



    Check with your group leader or contact for the event to see if the group is meeting virtually.

  • Sign Beloved Community
  • Interfaith Circle
  • Deb worship
  • HB2 march
  • arc of the universe
  • Campus Office
  • Holiday Chalice
  • Flower Communion

High School Youth Group (HSYG)

Sun, May 21 2023 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
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High School Youth Group (HSYG) is a great place to have fun and meet a community of other youth that share our UU values. Youth meet weekly and gather for games, events, activities, and service projects throughout the year. HSYG includes opportunities for community building, worship and faith formation, justice making, learning and leadership.

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