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Thu, Aug 13 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Diane Blount
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The purpose of interracial and intercultural dialogue is to strengthen social and cultural unity and to encourage understanding among people of different ethnic groups. While dialogue across racial lines of difference can be difficult, our objective is to create an opportunity to go deeper with one another in order to better understand ourselves and each other.  While this may be challenging, we believe this type of dialogue paves the way for us to cherish the worth and dignity of all human beings. 

The Multicultural Team is hosting a series of interracial discussions, facilitated by an interracial team of facilitators, in an effort to create teachable moments while acknowledging racial differences, tensions and biases.  As you each bring your own unique racial and ethnic identities, we ask that you participate with a willingness to learn and be open to gaining a deeper understanding and interconnectedness to persons of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the process be like?
  • Dialogue participants will receive a PowerPoint presentation prior to the beginning of the group. These readings will entail what our goals are and the procedures we will follow during our sessions. The material will include:
  • How to discuss what matters during difficult conversations
  • Tools for effectively engaging in a difficult conversation
  • Behaviors that support dialogue
  • Multicultural communication competencies
  • Guidelines for asking open, honest questions and
  • The difference between dialogue and debate.
  • How often will we meet and how long will the sessions last?
  • We will begin our dialogue sessions on Thursday, August 13th and we will end on Thursday, September 3rd.
  • Our sessions will run from 7-8:30 each week and we ask that you attend and fully participate in each session to the best of your ability.
  • What will the groups look like?
  • Our sessions will have a limit of 30 people. There will be an initial whole group time and then the group will be broken into smaller break-out groups that come back together at the end of each session.
  • The group will be Multi-Racial with White and Black co-facilitators.
  • What if I am not comfortable/knowledgeable about Zoom?
  • Participants will receive a written “cheat sheet” for Zoom; along with the guidelines for engaging in difficult conversations.
  • In addition, our first Interracial Dialogue session will open up about 30 minutes early for anyone that needs assistance.
  • I am a Person of Color, why should I attend these Interracial Dialogue Sessions?
  • While we understand that some people who will be encouraged or invited to attend the dialogue sessions, might decline in the belief they don’t need it, the strength of the work is in our ability to develop skills together. We will have the opportunity to share and support one another as we endeavor to increase our understanding. It is not about whether you need the group, it is about whether attending in community with others from ERUUF can build a stronger community and a stronger, shared commitment to how you plan to live out your desire for race equity.