UU Theology is a 6-session introduction to the concepts that undergird the religious orientation of our fellowship – one that includes humanism, atheism and the deep questioning of all of congregants. Each session addresses a different aspect of the systematic and integral vision of Unitarian Universalism – including basic concepts and the evolving understanding of what they mean for us.

One aim of this course is to educate, to shed light on what theology is, and introduce traditional components of systematic thinking about matters of God and the significance of our human lives. An important aim of the course is to help each of us to clarify what the UU tradition defines as a “beloved community” and also to investigate what fidelity to a covenant community means for you. 

UU Theology is designed for those who have attended some or all of the following: Inquirers Series, Spiritual Practice, UU History 101, and UU Elevator Speech. You are encouraged to participate in UU Theology as a series, attending all the sessions, in order to get the most out of the course.

1. What is UUTheology?
2. Encouragement to Spiritual Growth: The Nature of God and Spirit
3. Theological Anthropology: Human Nature and the Good Life
4. Eschatology - Facing Fear and Hope
5. Process and Liberation Theology - Living in Fidelity
6. Ecumenism - Expanding the Beloved Community 

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