ERUUF is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees elected by the Fellowship and follows a policy-based governance model. Under policy-based governance, the Board of Trustees serves as representatives of the congregation and both gives voice to the vision and mission of ERUUF as well as writes the basic governing policies of the organization.

Bonnie LaCroix - Chair

Term: 2018-2021

We moved to Durham from Chicago four years ago for a change of scenery and a job.  Minnesota born and raised, I lived primarily in the Midwest before moving to Durham, but have come to love the Southern speed of life and amazing weather.  Professionally, my work is in cancer research with a focus on racial health disparities.  Outside of my work I do my best to embody my values with a car-free lifestyle, front yard food garden, and commitment to the continual practice of racial justice.  

Finding ERUUF was an unexpected wonder that has transformed my life in unaccountable ways.  i am passionate about the future of our community and helping it live into its promise.  I believe that working towards racial, economic, and environmental justice is our only way forward, and that it is spiritual work.

Lenora Harris-Field - Secretary

Term: 2018-2021

I am honored and humbled to serve on the Board of Trustees at ERUUF.  I have been a Unitarian Universalist for over 35 years.  I have found my niches here at ERUUF via the ERUUF Singers, teaching on the Grade 2-3 RE team, serving on the Steering Team for the Covenant Group/Chalice Circle program, participating in a Chalice Circle, and weekly tutoring at El Centro.

My professional career encompassed sales, marketing, communications, account management, and strategic planning roles in the healthcare arena.  I am most proud of being Mom to two adult children - Evan and Elizabeth.  Evan is a recent University of Michigan engineering graduate and Elizabeth is a PhD candidate in mathematics at the University of Illinois where she is an active member of the UU Church of Urbana Champaign.  My other joy is being married to Michael Field - we celebrated 31 years of marriage in May 2018.  And of course I am Dog Mom to our adorable labradoodle, Bella.

Bob Brown - Trustee and Finance Liaison

Term: 2018-2022

My wife Cheryl and I started attending ERUUF in December 2015. Having moved from California a few months prior, we were looking for a place to share our passion for community, equality, and service. Shortly thereafter, we decided this would be our home and joined the Fellowship. In my short time here I've served as a Greeter, Visitor Host and currently serve on the Membership Team. My goals in each of these positions have been to welcome each newcomer and new member with the same spirit of enthusiasm and inclusiveness that we experienced the first time we walked in the door. I have also co-chaired the auction, have been responsible for all aspects of the IT portion of the event, and prepared and served meals at Urban Ministries in Durham. Service to the Fellowship and community are very important to me.

Professionally, I've held various positions in my 25+ years in the Information Technology industry. The past 8 years I've worked as a Project Manager for Blue Shield of CA and Cisco Systems Inc. My hobbies include gardening, woodworking and experiencing the outdoors; hiking, kayaking, and four-wheeling. Cheryl and I live in a quiet area of Bahama with our fur son Tyler. After living in the congested area of Northern California, we wanted a home in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We are surrounded by trees, wildlife and enjoy our time outside amongst all the beauty it has to offer.

Julie Edmunds - Trustee

Term: 2016-2020

My partner, Sara Terry, and I joined ERUUF in the mid 1990's when we were looking for a spiritual community in which to begin raising our family. We believed that the world's different religious traditions had wisdom to share and appreciated that UU'ism draws from many different sources. My involvement in ERUUF has taken various forms over the years, with much of it centered on religious education. I have been a Youth Group Advisor, RE teacher, a member of the RE Committee and a member of the Religious Education Vision Quest Team. I have been on the Committee for the Evaluation of Ministry for the past four years and was elected to the Board in 2016.

I live with Sara, our three children (Sam, Jake, and Emma), and our dog (Dingo) in Durham. My paying job is as an education researcher and program evaluator at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where I study the impact of high school and college level programs. I also serve as co-chair of Durham Public Schools' Budget Advisory Committee. As a family, we love traveling and eating good food together.

I am honored to serve on the Board. One of my personal goals for my work is to apply my program evaluation skills in thinking about how the Board can better fulfill its monitoring and accountability roles.



Albert Hardy - Trustee

Term: 2017-2020

I found my spiritual home at ERUUF in 1995 and almost immediately joined the choir. Ever since I have continued participating with our various choral ensembles. I joined the Fellowship in 1997 and have found many ways to get involved. In the past I have served as a greeter and member of the garden committee. I have helped facilitate several classes for Wednesday Night Connections. I have served on the music committee and sound committee for several years.

In 2006, I helped form the Environmental Steering Committee which has evolved to become the Earth Justice Action Group which I am currently co-leading. I serve on the Justice Ministry Council as liaison from that group and as Communications Coordinator. I served on the Board from 2009-2012 to help usher in a new period of leadership with Rev. Cayer as our called minister. As a member of the Board, I helped form the Healthy Congregation Committee.  My IT skills and experience have enabled me to help with data entry for the auction for several years.

My participation at ERUUF has been rewarding in so many ways. One of the most fulfilling activities is small group discussions—both ad hoc and ongoing (as in covenant groups). In these discussions, I have heard your dreams and your visions for ERUUF, which excite me to consider the amazing potential we have as a Fellowship. Nancy and I were married in 2013 by Rev. Cayer and enjoy participating in a covenant group and beautifying our home and garden near Duke Forest in Orange County.

Helen Wolfson - Trustee

Term: 2017-2020

I am a life-long UU — with a lapse as a NONE in early adulthood. My passion for Unitarian Universalism and my commitment to it as a movement are both long-standing and deeply rooted. I believe that Unitarian Universalism offers a model of peaceful coexistence and thoughtful, ethical decision-making that the world sorely needs, now more than ever.

I’ve been a member of ERUUF for over twenty years. Over the years I’ve served as chair of the Worship Committee, as a worship associate, as an RE teacher, on the music committee, as a maker of casseroles for the homeless shelter, as a coordinator for Cafe ERUUF. Someone even convinced me once to be Stewardship chair. 

I spent the majority of my career as a technical writer and a software tester, with stints in science, ballet, and a health-food store during young adulthood. In my forties, I discovered the hammered dulcimer, and this discovery changed my life. As a Certified Music Practitioner®. I play music at bedside in hospitals, residential facilities, and private homes as well as in memorial services. The relaxing music that I provide in such venues offers healing, solace, pain relief, and stress relief to patients and their families. In this work, I have finally found my calling — the place where my talents meet the world’s need. It is work that may drain me in the short run but that overall energizes me and gives me some of the most profound moments of my life.

Joan Tilghman - Trustee

Term: 2018-2021

About 12 years ago, I was looking for a short-cut from my house to mark Jacobson Toyota on 15-501.  I turned down Garrett Road and saw a timid, wooden sign for the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  Having come the next Sunday,I left the service thinking there was nothing I needed to change about myself to join this congregation.  I have come here ever since.

The greatest challenges in living my faith are to accord every individual - no matter that person's views - the same humanity that I see in my own eyes when I look in a mirror; to hold up the inextinguishable infinite Fire of Hope; to honor the suffering and joy of the ancestors who bestowed on me the gift of life as an opportunity to do good in the world; and to aspire, for my life, to love everyone.

Ed Hoefle - Trustee

Term: 2019-2022

Although I am not a longtime UU member, my interest in ERUUF is well-founded: It was one reason that my wife and I chose Durham. Having read of ERUUF’s many groups, activities, and vibrant membership, we saw the community that we sought. ERUUF has become central to our lives here. We enjoy supporting the Pastoral Care team, helping at special events, serving as back-up Visitor Hosts, and lending a hand as able.

I hope that my experience, skills, and beliefs will prove helpful in supporting the ERUUF Board. My career spanned over 40 years in the behavioral healthcare, educational, and not-for-profit arena, including developing outpatient and inpatient programs supported with 100-400 staff and overseeing 400k square feet of facility construction. That experience, and a turn away from the dogma of a Catholic upbringing, align my beliefs with UU humanism and inclusiveness.

I am honored to serve on our Board.

Caroline Lekavich - Trustee

Term: 2019-2022

I began attending ERUUF in 2011. I was in search of a welcoming and diverse community that would foster growth and development for my growing family. With an Italian and Catholic background growing up and experience as a practicing Buddhist, I felt that ERUUF embodied an authentic and vibrant community, consistent with my values. My involvement with ERUUF has included assisting with religious education for the 3/4yrs olds and most recently serving with the RE Ministry Group.

I live in Durham with my daughter (Venia), our dog (Guido), and our two cats, (Bella and Rocky). I work at Duke Medical Center on faculty as a nurse researcher and practicing nurse practitioner in cardiology. For fun, we enjoy everything outdoors and especially time with friends and family.

I am honored to be considered for this role on the Board of Trustees. My goal is to serve by engaging with this community to foster growth and diversity that leads to deepening connections.

Rev. Deborah Cayer, Lead Minister

The Lead Minister is an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.

Deborah Cayer is a graduate of Smith College and Harvard Divinity School. She was ordained in 1996 and served as minister for the Unitarian Church of Sharon, Massachusetts for twelve years. She has served the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship since August 2008, first as a part-time Consulting Assistant Minister, then as Acting Lead Minister for two years.

In June 2011 the congregation called Deborah as Lead Minister. In her current role, Rev. Cayer is primarily responsible for excellence in worship, senior staff supervision, and stewardship, particularly of finances. She is a member of the Board of Trustees.

Role: Ex-officio Member