How do I update my profile?

Once you have logged in to MyERUUF, click on the link "Your complete profile."

(At any point in editing and moving through the MyERUUF site, you can return to this Profile Page using the pull down menu under Home.)

Here you will see several tabs:

Contact Info, Personal Info, Groups, Serving, Events

Contact Info

To see your personal information, click the "Contact Info" tab near the top of your profile page.

  1. Review:  Review all information at the top of the profile page - name, address, phone, email, family.
  2. Request Changes:  Changes can be requested by clicking the appropriate "add" or "edit" button or by clicking the pencil icon by the specific item. Some changes need review by system administrator and may not show up immediately.
  3. Choose Preferred Contact: Choose the method you prefer to be contacted by- phone, email or text- by clicking on the change preference button.
  4. Add phone:  Add additional phone numbers (cell or work) and select the number you prefer by checking the "preferred phone" box. Phone numbers may be listed or unlisted in the ERUUF Members and Friends directory. The default is to have both home and cell numbers listed. To make a number unlisted, simply edit the phone number (click on the pencil icon) and check "unlisted".
  5. Add Email:  Enter additional email addresses (if needed), then select the preferred email address. The preferred email is the one that will show up in the ERUUF directory (default = personal email).
  6. Add Family Members: Click on the "+" sign beside the Family Member section. All the children in your family 17 or younger should be listed. Please correct if this is not the case. Other family members living in your household may also be added.

Personal Info

To see your personal information, click the "Personal Info" tab near the top of your profile page.

  1. Review:  Check all information and correct if necessary.
  2. Request Changes:  Edit and add information by clicking on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the window. You can choose to add:

    a. Title
    b. Marital status
    c. Birthdate
    d. Gender
    e. Nickname (Goes by_______)

  3. Newsletter:  Indicate whether you wish to receive the newsletter as a family or as an individual and how you want to receive it – email, mail, both, or no newsletter.

Upload Pictures

You can add a picture of yourself as an individual and/or a family photo for the directory.

  1. Choose the Edit button at the top of the MyERUUF profile page.
  2. Click on the Personal Photo or Family Info button at the upper right corner.
  3. Browse to locate and select the picture file located on your computer. The picture must be an actual recent photo of you or your family. (No clip art, childhood pictures of adults, or random images please.) If upload doesn't work, shrink file size to 50% of original.
  4. Preview the photo.
  5. Save.
  6. Check back. Your photo will appear once the change has been approved.


Your Group profile will show all classes, committees, groups and activities that you participate in at ERUUF.

    1. Review your Groups, Classes and Activities
    2. Change Request: If you find that you are listed in error as being in a group or class or wish to leave a group, click "Report a Problem" using the link at the top right of the page.

Join Group:

        If you are in a group or class and it does not appear in your list, there are two options:

Small groups

        – affinity groups that you identify with can be found by clicking on the "Available Small Groups" link. Indicate that you want to join the group or get more information about it using the appropriate link.

Committees, ministry teams and other activity groups

      – Contact the leader of the group (or Office) to request that you be added to the group list. Or, use the "Report a Problem" link to indicate that you are not listed as being in a certain group. Include information about any leadership position you have in the group.


Be sure to Sign Off MyERUUF when you are done to protect your personal and financial information.