Restitution for Racism Action Team

The Restitution for Racism (RRG) mission is to support reparative efforts for the wrong done in the United States to black descendants of African lineage.   Chattel slavery, Jim Crow laws, and continued acts of racism have resulted in a large wealth gap between white and black people.  The RRG’s primary focus is on developing a deeper understanding at ERUUF of the subject of reparations and how we can become involved in our community.

We meet monthly.  We will provide education about reparations as well as opportunities to work with partners to remove barriers to wealth by black people in the Durham community.  Everyone is welcome.

Contact Person: Mary Davis, Lisa Jones
Role: Coordinators
Email: davismarym@bellsouth
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Minister of Congregational Engagement

Refugee and Immigrant Justice

Group Description:

The Refugee and Immigrant Action Group provides varied engagement opportunities for ERUUFians to build relationships with, and show support for, refugees and immigrants in our community, and to make our voices heard in support of these new neighbors in our communities.   Through the personal connections we facilitate, and the actions we take, those of us who are more established in this community hope to understand the challenges refugees and immigrants face and have the opportunity to help newcomers feel welcome. Involvement can be one-time or ongoing, and may include sharing a meal, helping with childcare or food at a class for immigrants, donating household items for new arrivals, or advocating on behalf of refugee and immigrant rights.

Read more: Refugee and Immigrant Justice

Contact Person: Peggy Schaeffer
Role: co-chair

Pride+ Action Team

Group Description: The Pride+ Action Team is a group of LGBTQ+ people and allies committed to achieving full human rights and dignity for a traditionally marginalized minority.

Overarching Goals: The overall goal is for allies and LGBTQ ERUUFians to demonstrate that spiritual communities can be inclusive and welcoming. The Pride March is an excellent opportunity for this type of visibility, especially needed because of the high-profile presence of hatemongers who purport to be the voice of religion.

Contact Person: Evelyn Studer & Jenn Greenleaf
Role: Coordinators
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Minister of Congregational Engagement