Changing the Game: The People’s Climate March

--NYC (& Global), Sept 21, 2014 by Tom Fletcher

 The anticipation was welling up inside me as I road the subway from Brooklyn - where I had been staying with my niece - into Manhattan. When I emerged to the surface at Columbus Circle, where Broadway, meets 59th Street, meets Central Park West, it was chaotic.

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A Month of Movies at ERUUF

By Mary Frances Comer

The Justice Council offered a month of movies at ERUUF during April, 2014 --  informative, award-winning and justice-centered movies that had a lot to be discussed!

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Vision Quest for Justice at ERUUF

As the recent positive response to “Thirty Days of Love” this past winter showed us, Social Justice and Earth Justice are extremely important to most ERUUF members. In fact, for many, making a difference in the world is the main reason they come to the fellowship. But we know that all of us want our justice ministry to be the best it can be, so that together we can make a maximum impact in the world.

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Race - The Power of an Illusion

ERUUF's Multicultural Team sponsored a film series in April, 2014. We viewed three episodes of a documentary with a facilitated discussion after each one. From the press release for Race - The Power of an Illusion:

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Moral March on Raleigh

Moral March 2.8.14Hundreds of UUs from around the country joined thousands of other Americans to converge on Raleigh on Saturday, February 8, for a huge non-partisan and non-violent protest against oppressive social and fiscal legislation enacted recently by the N.C. General Assembly.

See pics & video

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Harnessing Love’s Power…Lest We Forget

Harnessing Love’s Power…Lest We Forget

30 Days of Love Jan. 18 - Feb. 16

This year, ERUUFians had the opportunity to join with folks all over the country in this month-long spiritual journey of commitment to action and service. Beginning mid-January, check out our daily Facebook postings where you'll find quotes, reminders, and opportunities for love and service.

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Interweave Hosts AIDS Memorial Quilt

Interweave to host two panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt December 1–7, 2013

thumb AIDS Quilt2World AIDS Day is held on Dec. 1 each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show 

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Moral Mondays

UUs from around North Carolina and several members of ERUUF have been involved with the protests called "Moral Mondays" at the NC Legislature organized by the NC NAACP. Videos of the protests can be found on the NC NAACP webpage. There is a great and powerful uprising taking place to protest laws being considered (and in some cases passed)

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Justice Sundays

For several years until June 2016, ERUUF funded the various justice projects that the Justice Council chose for continued long-term focus at ERUUF by periodically designating the collection plate offering for the Justice Council.  Six Sundays of the year, the plate was given to the Justice Council to support justice ministry at ERUUF and in the broader community.

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