If you are interested in starting a group at ERUUF, we want to help you get it done. We’ve put together a few guidelines detailing what the staff needs to help you accomplish your goal/ministry.

The overarching mindset to keep in mind is: how will my group contribute to ERUUF’s mission and align with the UU Principles? Your group’s mission should be conceived in such a way. If the group's purpose falls within these broad guidelines, a staff member will help you get it off the ground. That means a staff partner will help you secure the resources, publicity, and miscellaneous needs to be a successful group.

Leading the group and recruiting members is the responsibility of the group creator(s).

Note: After the group has formed, it is imperative that the group create a working covenant.

Once the information requested in the form below is submitted, Rev. Deborah Cayer will be in touch with you about the details. If you have questions, please contact Rev. Cayer at  or 919-489-2575.

Here's what we'll need to establish a new group: