Highlighted Events

  • Thanksgiving Dinner (Thu, Nov 22 1:00 pm)

  • Inquirers Retreat Day (Sat, Dec 1 9:00 am)

    Full day of all 8 Inquirer's Classes. Attend one or all.

  • Nifty Gifty (Sat, Dec 1 9:00 am)

    Family friendly gathering to create gifts of crafts and ornaments

  • Cafe ERUUF (Sat, Dec 1 7:00 pm)

    Great entertainment and yummy desserts shared in beloved community.

  • RE Sock Hop (Sun, Dec 2 9:00 am)

    RE Dance Party collecting gloves, socks and underwear for Urban Ministries

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Next Service

Sunday, November 25, 2018: 9:00 & 11:15 am

Memory and Myth
Rev. Jacqueline Brett, worship leader

How do our memories create the stories we live into and the world we inhabit? What happens when our memories are transformed into the realm of myth?

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Newsworthy Conversations

Rev. Jacqueline Brett
November 18, 2018
Palms Together
My mother is the family griot. She holds the memories of our family from way back, and enjoys sharing them, sometimes for the sake of the stories themselves, at other times for the irony and teachings they hold.In certain West African cultures the gr...
Kevin Badanes
November 14, 2018
Before you know it, the holidays will come and go, leaving us with inevitable resolutions. Whether it’s jettisoning carbohydrates, noticing the key fob which tells you what gym you pay for every month, or finally finishing that great novel, many of u...
Rev. Stacy Grove
October 24, 2018
Caring Together
Ahhh… we’re finally getting a delightful taste of crisp weather! The shortening days signal the transition to a fall season with glorious leaf color, bird migrations and fresh scented air. Upcoming elections and world political, social and economic c...