3 Things Leaders Should Know

The ERUUF community continues to grow in complexity and variety of activities offered.  As of the end of our last program year, we reported some 102 groups or teams active at ERUUF and over 185 events, classes or activities for the year.  We need your help in keeping up to date with all that is going on, so that we can better support you and plan mindfully for the future.  Here’s how:

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Before You Leave Checklist

Leaders are encouraged to make sure members of their group(s) are aware of building safety and good stewardship. Here are the important steps:

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How To Start an ERUUF Group

If you are interested in starting a group at ERUUF, we want to help you get it done. We’ve put together a few guidelines detailing what the staff needs to help you accomplish your goal/ministry.

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Leadership Development Team

The purpose of the Leadership Development Team is to advance ERUUF’s mission by supporting, educating, and inspiring congregational members in discovering and expressing themselves as leaders in service to our UU Principles within our covenantal religious community and the community at large.

ERUUF Leadership Development Offerings For July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 - Attention current and emergent congregational leaders, please keep your eyes open for the upcoming course offerings as part of our continuing “Leadership as a Transformational Path” series.  We will offer four leadership development opportunities throughout the 2019-2020 fellowship year. The working schedule of these offerings is as follows: 

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Contact Person: Joy Birmingham
Role: Coordinator
Staff Partner: Rev. Deborah Cayer, Lead Minister

Room Use and Calendar Viewing

Many external organizations and groups benefit from using and renting the facilities available on the ERUUF campus. We do not include these events on the ERUUF web calendar for several reasons.

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