A Broken Hallelujah
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: Kate Lewis, Jocelyn Neal, Eno River Singers
On Easter Sunday,  join us on Zoom for a live worship service at 10:30 am followed by virtual Coffee Hour. 
 This year we're holding onto the promise of rebirth within the devastation and uncertainty of worldwide crisis. We’ll remember the Christian story of Jesus in our own Unitarian Universalist way. And we'll remember others who also found a way when the way forward was impossible.   

Flower Communion: Bring a flower to the service, because we're going to have an ERUUF online Flower Communion.  And at the end, we'll rise in body and spirit for the Hallelujah Chorus as we always do. Sing along to "Hallelujah".  Find the sheet music here 

Music by Kate Lewis, Jocelyn Neal, Pam DiLavore, and a video surprise created remotely by the Eno River Singers.   


Eno River Singers (Virtual Choir) - "Lo the Earth Awakes Again"