What is the Pledge Drive About?

The pledge drive offers members, friends, and visitors the opportunity to think about what ERUUF means to them and to pledge their financial support accordingly. Your pledge, with others, helps define the budget for the next fiscal year, July 1-June 30. The pledge drive involves 4-6 weeks of planned stewardship activities in February-March, but pledges are welcomed anytime during the year

How much should I pledge?

Your pledge amount is entirely up to you because it depends on your capacity at this time to give money, how engaged you are in ERUUF and your personal values. When your values and ERUUF’s mission align, we encourage a pledge that is financially sustainable and that makes you proud to be doing your part in this beloved community.

There is a Giving Chart that offers some suggestions from UUA. Find a pledge that feels good and that fits within your financial means. Like ERUUF, your pledge should make a difference in your life.

What about all the other ways I contribute?

We gratefully acknowledge that your gifts of time and talent may be equal to or larger than your current financial capacity, but we do encourage your pledge participation if possible. ERUUF is being asked to be more and do more among our members and the community. Every dollar pledged helps us meet that demand more effectively.


Please contact one of our ministers, pledge drive co-chairs Rose Auman or Clint McSherry,
Contact to ask questions about the campaign.

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