1st - 5th Grade

Elementary-aged Participants can continue in the class they are currently enrolled in, or they can join a new class for the spring.  They can choose to participate in: Volume 2 of Books and Cooks (curriculum attached, website here), A continuation of Expressive Arts, Holidays and Holy Days curriculum adapted for Lego Sources. Please sign up here to register your child for a spring workshop. 

Lego Sources
Our Six Sources make us unique as Unitarian Universalists. These sources create for us a living and diverse tradition which evolves as our understandings evolve. Ours is also a faith that honors the individual search. What a gift to be a changeable, flexible faith that makes room for personal creativity. Our sources truly describe the distinct personality of our Unitarian Universalist faith. We are a people of curiosity, we are communities who value change, we strive to be open and aware of the world around us. From wonder and lego dolphins, to world religions and lego lotuses and oil lamps, we invite you to pull up a comfy chair, pour out your LEGO bricks, and lean into the adventure of piecing together a faith of your very own.

Books and Cooks
Children love to eat, and they love to cook! This curriculum uses cooking and stories about food to give children a “taste” of different cultures around the world. This program fits in with our UU principles that encourage us to learn, grow, and to value and respect each other to build a more peaceful world. The stories in this curriculum expose children to lessons about helping each other and being part of a community. Pared with hands-on making and tasting, "Books and Cooks" helps children be adventurous, try new things, become more independent, share, and understand the importance of family. Download the Books and Cooks curriculum at the link below. 

pdfBooks And Cooks.pdf

Expressive Arts
Children have feelings, often big feelings, and they need to learn skills to gain familiarity and comfort with their feelings. Each week we'll use different art forms to express ourselves and our emotions, including puppets, paper folding, drawing, stuffed animals, environmental beauty, improvisation, movement, and music. We will learn to identify what our feelings are, where they reside in the body, and how emotions move through us. We want to equip children with more words to name often nuanced, mixed, or complicated feelings, and we seek to practice voicing these feelings to others and to our own selves. Through fun, beauty, and play, we aim to ultimately befriend our feelings, especially the difficult ones.

*ERUUF will provide any requested art supplies for children to participate in these projects.