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Room Rental Information

We have meeting and event space for members, private groups and non-profits. ERUUF, located on Garrett Road in Durham, has rooms available for day or evening meetings, workshops, receptions and events.

Our facilities are conveniently located on an attractive seven-acre wooded site with ample parking between 15-501, Interstate 40 and University Drive. Rooms are bright and airy and are appropriate for groups of 10 to 50, or gatherings of up to 400 people.  There are numerous handicapped accessible bathrooms and 2 full-sized kitchens.


For additional information and to check availability, please 

Request a Room

You'll need the following information:

  1. Name of group requesting the room/space
  2. Contact person and phone number; and email address
  3. Purpose of Meeting (This helps determine appropriate room selection and alternative choices when your first choice is not available.)
  4. Full Date and Times (For example:: Saturday, July 10 between 10:30 am and 3 pm)
  5. Frequency of use (For example:: Every Tuesday from Sept 7 through November 9)
  6. Provide any special instructions or requests

ERUUF Groups

Request a Room

For Fellowship-related activities, rooms are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. If we cannot accommodate your activity/meeting, you will be notified; otherwise, your group will be assigned a room. If the specific room you are requesting is not available, your group will be be assigned a comparable room.

You will have specific responsibilities for leaving the room clean, trash free and furniture arranged in the room neutral position. For details consult the Fellowship's Building Use Policy.


Typical UsesSizes (in ft)Descriptions

Classes, Meetings

Rms 1,2, 3, Library:
20 x 17

Rm 4-5:
20 x 34

23 x 17

Good choice for group sizes of 10 to 50 people. Flexible seating. Handicap accessible. Some rooms include audio/visual (A/V) equipment.

Workshop, Reception, Seminar, Potluck


Commons Room (CARE Bldg)
26 ft x 46 ft

Full-size kitchen adjacent. Separate entrance. Flexible seating for up to 50 people. Opens to a wide back deck facing the woods. Several 96" long  tables are available.

Fire code: 60.

Conferences, Seminars, Weddings, Musical events, Socials, Craft Shows, Receptions


Fellowship Hall:
2160 sq ft

Open floor plan can seat up to 150 people auditorium style; or 100+ with a portable small stage area and people seated at tables and chairs.

Catering kitchen adjacent. Sound room and piano options. Covered breezeway at entrance. High vaulted ceiling.

Fire code: 190

Worship Services, Weddings, Concerts


Cushioned seating for 400; auditorium-sloped floors. High-quality sound system and piano options. Covered breezeway at entrance. High vaulted ceiling.

Food and beverages are not permitted in this space.

Most events require an ERUUF sound-system technician.

Fire code: 500

Meditations, Small Weddings, Worship Services


Room used only for worship-related services.
Small chapel off the main gallery. Private entrance. Suitable for small weddings or memorial services (up to 35 people).

Food and beverages are not permitted in this space.

Room Guidelines

Furniture:  Tables and chairs in all rooms can be arranged as you wish. Renters are responsible for setting up each room and returning the room to its room neutral settings.

Kitchen and Food (Commons Room or Fellowship Hall only): We allow private caterers to deliver and serve food at our facilities. Or you can bring meals or refreshments in for your group. Coffee and tea pots are available for your use by request. When your event ends, you (or your caterer) are responsible for clearing the rooms of all food, beverages and trash. Janitorial supplies are provided. For rentals that include kitchen privileges, a portion of the shared refrigerator and freezer space is available. Compost encourage. Use small black bins by Fellowship Hall kitchen door.

Equipment: Wifi internet access, HDTVs, DVD players, easels, pianos, and sound room equipment options are available on request.

Smoking: ERUUF is a smoke-free campus.

Alcoholic Beverages: Consumption of wine or beer is allowed provided your group complies with all state and federal laws and you have assigned a specific person responsible for beverage logistics and to monitor consumption. Hard liquor is never allowed. Your group will assume all responsibilities. Alcohol cannot be sold unless you have a license from the State ABC Board (located in Raleigh).

Pets/Animals: While we love animals, allergy and safety concerns require that pets stay home. Contact office with questions.

Parking and Public Transportation: Ample parking is available on site - with more than 10 handicap assigned spaces. The DATA Bus stops in front of the property. For bus schedules, contact 919-382-DATA.