Upcoming Classes

  • 2019 Connections Fair (Sun, Sep 15 10:00 am)

    Every program and activity at ERUUF highlight what they're doing. You'll be amazed at all we're doing!

  • Inquirer's Class (Sun, Sep 15 10:10 am)

    The Inquirers Series is offered to welcome and inform visitors and friends about ERUUF.

  • Sunday Night Live (Sun, Sep 15 4:30 pm)

    Youth and family programming and social events including dinner

  • Inquirer's Class (Sun, Sep 22 10:10 am)

    The Inquirers Series is offered to welcome and inform visitors and friends about ERUUF. This Sunday: Class 6. Social Action & Community Service.

  • UU History 101 (Sun, Sep 22 10:10 am)

    Learn about concepts and people from UU history and ERUUF's story

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Next Service

Sunday, September 15, 2019: 9:00 & 11:15 am

By Mutual Consent
Rev. David Morris

The principle that all interactions in religious communities must be voluntary is the second of the "Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion" named by Unitarian Universalist theologian, minister, and social justice activist James Luther Adams. The times we're living through remind us, though, that Adams also believed voluntary associations are the essential key to resisting totalitarianism. Are we up to the test?

News Items

Summer Spiritual Odyssey 2018

Sunday Morning at 9:00 a.m. Commons Room

Summer Spiritual Odyssey is one of the most interesting programs offered at ERUUF.  Each week one of our members shares their unique spiritual journey for about 25-30 minutes, and then fellow members have the chance to ask questions.  The Adult Programs Team recruits the most diverse group possible, in terms of age, gender, theology, race and ethnicity, and sexual orientation, and the power of the truth that’s shared and received is amazing.    

Odyssey 2018 begins on Sunday, June 24 and continues through the end of August.  All are welcome! 

Successful 2018-2019 Pledge Drive

ERUUF will benefit in 2018-2019 from projected pledges of 352 households, totaling $810,000. Over 95% of ERUUF’s operating budget is funded by the congregation.  The pledge drive is organized entirely by volunteers, with the wise support of staff.  Thank you to the teams that planned and implemented the drive, gave testimonials, wrote thank-yous, called, created communication materials and produced final reports. 

Read more: Successful 2018-2019 Pledge Drive

Newsworthy Conversations

Allison Mahaley
January 17, 2019
Youth Education
What is a Developmental Youth Ministry Specialist? Besides being a mouthful, this position is both unique and temporary: unique because no other position at ERUUF claims “specialist” (though every paid staff position here requires a degree of special...
Rev. Deborah Cayer
November 28, 2018
In Care
In the midst of uncertainty of many varieties, this fall I’ve been looking for renewal everywhere I can find it. A great source has been a new garden that Chris and I designed and helped install in our backyard in October.After heavy rain that caused...
Rev. Jacqueline Brett
November 18, 2018
Palms Together
My mother is the family griot. She holds the memories of our family from way back, and enjoys sharing them, sometimes for the sake of the stories themselves, at other times for the irony and teachings they hold.In certain West African cultures the gr...