November 27, 2022

Gratitude for Change: Joys for Life’s Crunchy Times
Worship Leader: Rev. Jim Lewis
Music: Sunshine Kids; Chalice Singers; Graham Hallquist, Nina Goffney, Kate Lewis - Pianists; Wendy Looker - Music Director

A multigenerational worship of song, story, and play on the thankfulness we have for changes and complications in life.

November 20, 2022

Being the Change We Wish to See
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacqueline Brett with Rev. Daniel Trollinger
Music: Beloved Community Chorus; Jeff Moe - Bass; Kate Lewis - Pianist; Wendy Looker - Music Director

November 13, 2022

Embracing Our Change
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacqueline Brett with Rev. Daniel Trollinger
Music: Kami Rowan, Classical Guitarist; Kate Lewis - Pianist Wendy Looker - Music Director

We continue our exploration of change by expanding from our personal experiences to acknowledging change in our congregation with a new Lead Minister, new staff, and new ideas for our future. We'll also shed some light upon significant changes also occurring within our Unitarian Universalist denomination.

November 6, 2022

Being With Personal Change
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacqueline Brett with Rev. Daniel Trollinger
Music: Beloved Community Chorus; Kate Lewis - Pianist; Wendy Looker - Music Director

It has been famously said that the single constant in life is change. Throughout November we'll explore different aspects of change: personal, in community, and out in the world. This week we'll reflect together upon the changes presently occurring in our lives and how we might navigate them, whether change is at the extremes of joy and sorrow or in the day-to-day experiences we most often face with everything in-between.

October 30, 2022

Celebrating the Gifts of Our Ancestors
Rev. Daniel Trollinger with Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Music: Sally Franz, Flute; Eno River Singers; Wendy Looker, Music Director; Kate Lewis, Pianist

We are on the threshold between past and future, holding the legacy of our ancestral lineage. In each moment we choose, consciously or not, what we carry forward through our words, actions, relationships, and service. In this All Souls service, we will engage the practice of honoring our ancestors through story, song, and ritual.

There will be an Ancestor’s Table for photos of loved ones and later in the service we’ll light candles in their memory.

October 23, 2022

Being Courageous
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacqueline Brett with Rev. Daniel Trollinger
Music: Beloved Community Chorus, Kate Lewis - Pianist, Wendy Looker - Music Director

Worship Associate: Lisa Jones

Our culture often imagines courage as fierce warriors running to do battle with strong defenses and weapons at the ready. But what is it to muster courage in our day-to-day lives, as we wrestle with despair, difficult moments, hard times, and tough things? When the world calls us to contend with more than we ever imagined it would? We'll explore what it means to be courageous when we have no control over the outcome, and our determined actions signifying hope and change are our most powerful weapons. We'll also join together in a ritual that honors our collective acts of courage.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

All About the Right to Vote
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacqueline Brett with Rev. Daniel Trollinger
Music: Eno River Singers; Kate Lewis, Pianist; Wendy Looker, Music Director

The Constitution of the United States expresses ideas about universal suffrage that might surprise us. We’ll explore some of these and their continual implications for our democracy that are obvious and not so obvious, and what it means for us as people of faith.

October 9, 2022

The Courage to See and Not Turn Away
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Music: Rev. Stacy Grove - Flute, Joan Tilghman - Vocals; Kate Lewis - Pianist; Wendy Looker - Music Director

To get at the causes of the injustices of these times requires the courage to see them as they are in all their great difficulty. This week we'll explore what it means to not turn away as we set about the challenging work of correcting injustice to bring about collective liberation. And in the midst of it all, to also care for ourselves and one another. Worship Associate: Matthew David Arnold.

Read more: October 9, 2022

October 2, 2022

The Tide Is Rising and So Are We
Worship Leader: Rev. Jim Lewis with guest preacher, Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson
Music: Beloved Community Chorus, Jocelyn Neal - Cantor, Kate Lewis - Pianist

Over the last few years, we have deepened our relationships with community partners and have become more skillful, resilient and spiritually grounded in our justice work. This fall, the future of abortion access in North Carolina is on the line, Medicaid expansion is finally within reach, and the strength of our democracy is being tested. It’s time to get rooted in our faith and rise to meet the moment. Are you ready?

Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson serves as the Executive Director of UU Justice NC, The Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of North Carolina. In this role, she has the pleasure of working with over 20 UU congregations across the state to do justice work spanning racial, economic, environmental, electoral, reproductive justice, and more.

September 25, 2022

Joy, Belonging, Pride: To Be Real!
Worship Leader: Rev. Jim Lewis with Rev. Jacqueline Brett and Rev. Stacy Grove
Music: Eno River Singers, Beloved Community Chorus, Dick Clark - Cello, Wendy Looker - Music Director, Kate Lewis - Pianist

Join us for a multigenerational service/celebration this Pride weekend! What does it mean to feel like we belong? What is the importance of joy in the midst of struggle? Join us for music, stories, community, celebration and reminders of what Pride can mean.

Worship Participants:  Sage Axline, Carol Martin, Vincent Licenziato, Finn Lueck-Wright, Evelyn Studer, Nan Walker, Jaye Vaughn

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Connecting and Belonging
Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Worship Leader with Rev. Daniel Trollinger and Rev. Jim Lewis
Music: Eno River Singers and the Beloved Community Chorus, Wendy Looker - Music Director; Kate Lewis - Pianist

On this Sunday morning we explore how efforts at forming connections with one another contribute to the overall sense of belonging in a community. We'll also commission our religious education teachers on this day, with our children leading the way, and then we'll all head out to the annual Connections Fair – putting theory into practice!

Widening Our Circle of Connections - Annual Connections Fair directly after the service. Find out about ERUUF's programs, groups and the many ways to become connected in our community.

September 11, 2022

Kasserian ingera: “How are the children?”
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacqueline Brett with Rev. Daniel Trollinger and Rev. Jim Lewis
Music: Paul Baerman, oboe; Kristi and Andren Chilton, vocalists; Kate Lewis, pianist; Wendy Looker, Music Director

Maasai warriors of Kenya and Tanzania great each other with the phrase "Kasserian ingera" translated to English as "How are the children?" The desired response is, "Ingera sapati" or "The children are well." The greeting exchange acknowledges the great importance the Maasai place upon the well-being of their children: that the community is ultimately only doing as well as their children.

Join us this Sunday as we consider this greeting and its response among our community at ERUUF, and as we center our children, youth, and families during the start-up of Religious Education programs for 2022-23. Worship participant: Rebecca Martinez Fitzgerald.