November 10, 2019

A Larger Hope
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: Beloved Community Chorus

Our Universalist ancestors knew that the world isn’t perfect, yet they believed that a better world is always possible. What larger hope is there for us today, especially in light of polarized divisions among people with different views? Rev. Cayer, worship leader, Cheryl Fenner Brown, Worship Associate. Beloved Community Chorus shares the gift of music. Music Program Listening Sessions will take place after the second service in the Music Room and Library.


November 3, 2019

Sources of Love
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: Eno River Singers

In the early part of our annual All Souls service we’ll joyfully welcome ERUUF’s newest members.  We’ll also have the chance to place pictures of loved ones on the Ancestor’s Table and later we’ll light candles in their memory as we bring attention to larger possibilities. Rev. Cayer and Rev. Brett lead the service; Henry Amador-Batten serves as Worship Associate. Eno River Singers share the gift music. Music Program Listening Sessions will take place after the second service in the Chapel and Sanctuary.


October 27, 2019

I Need to Communicate
Rev. Jacqueline Brett & Jimmy Santiago Baca
Music: Beloved Community Chorus
We are joined this morning by award winning poet, novelist, and screenwriter, Jimmy Baca, who returns to North Carolina after a many decades long absence.  I still cherish the fondest memories from that time, he says, It partly shaped who I am today. It’s a happy occasion for me. And that I return in this capacity is a special kind of redemption, and makes my visit that much more blessed. The circle is complete. 
Many youth have the feeling they don’t belong, not just physically, but don’t belong in a purposeful, connected way. They feel the American Dream has closed its door on them, that Democracy is only for those who can afford it, and in such an environment, how does one belong to society in a way that makes them part of the direction it is going in, in a way that makes them count. 



October 20, 2019

The Silence and the Noise
Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Our UU Principles call us to "Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth" and "A free and responsible search for truth and meaning." How do we live these out in community with authenticity, compassion, and grace toward one another, especially on Sunday mornings? What assumptions do we hold about what it all must look like and sound like when some of us long to rest in quiet and others find exuberant expression a meaningful outpouring of the heart?     



October 13, 2019

Facing History and Ourselves
Rev. Deborah Cayer

We've been waking up, each of us in our own way, to a fuller history than what many of us were ever taught in school. Waking up brings new consciousness, and along with it new moral responsibility for our behavior, both individually and collectively. Within these Days of Awe, together we turn back to the heart of our UU faith which calls us to equity and justice for all. What will we do differently now? Rev. Deborah Cayer, worship leader. Eno River Singers and Chalice Singers create the morning's music.

October 6, 2019

Turning Toward Wholeness
Rev. Deborah Cayer

Belonging to a group can make us feel comfortably cozy and content; it can also hold bigger possibilities if we're willing to feel a little discomfort. Are we willing to be uncomfortable for a bit if it means that our larger community can hold more possibility, more life for All? 

September 29, 2019

To the Future, with Love
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: River Folk
Last year ERUUF's Earth Justice Team created a Green Sanctuary plan that calls for developing sustainable practices on campus, and to inspire all of us to do similar things at home. The plan is ambitious, and we're on our way. This morning we'll consider some of the reasons why this is spiritual as well as practical.  And we'll hear more about the opportunity ERUUF has to add solar power, and how we each can be part of this project. Rev. Cayer and Denise Frizzell are service leaders.  River Folk will share their music.  



September 22, 2019

Draw the Circle Wide
Rev. Deborah Cayer

Unitarian Universalists, like other religious liberals are deeply committed to inclusion. It's not just because we're nice people (though it's true that we are). This is the logical next move that comes out of our core orientation to life, ultimate reality, the earth, and our fellow humans. It's an important way that we live our values and beliefs.