June 24, 2018

A Way to Revolutionary Love
Rev. Nan L. White, worship leader

Hearts that wonder, followed by empathy = a way to revolutionary love. The Revolutionary Love movement was born for a dynamic Sikh woman after the 2016 November election.  What’s so special about this movement and can UU’s join in when so many other movements are happening around the country?  Rev. Nan L. White, UU guest minister who holds degrees in music as well as ministry, will speak from ERUUF’s free pulpit to introduce and entice you to join in this movement with her. If you’re feeling hopeless these days, wonder about this service…

June 17, 2018

A Mile in Their Shoes
Rev. Deborah Cayer, Worship Leader, Lea Cordova, worship associate

Much success in life depends on our ability to understand the world as another person does, meet them and work from there.  What practices could help us overcome our reluctance and resistance to doing this?

June 10, 2018

What are We For?
LeLaina Romero, worship leader
Music: Beloved Community Chorus

Music, especially singing in community, can express and move what words alone cannot. Join the Beloved Community Chorus in an exploration of what we are for in this community of faith, connection, and justice; and what our chorus is for as a singing community centering the voices, music, and experiences of people of color.


June 3, 2018

Winds of Fortune
Rev. Deborah Cayer, Worship Leader

The winds of change are blowing strong, and yet by many measures ERUUF is doing well, and many of us are too.  Is that ok?  What can we do when we find ourselves in the midst of an abundance of blessings that are not equally distributed? 

This is a Generosity Sunday and our guest this month is the Farmworker Ministry.  

May 27, 2018

The Transformative Power of Gratitude
Rev. Jacqueline Brett, worship leader; Joan Tilghman, worship associate
Music: Kate Lewis

Many of us experience a surge of personal gratitude on an ad hoc basis when something good happens to us. But how does living gratefully make the world different? What might it mean to live as a thankful society where we would together nurture, encourage and practice a gratefulness that impacts civic life and changes our hearts and our communities?

May 20, 2018

Living, Learning, Loving
Rev. Cayer and Julia Tyler, worship leaders

Unitarian Universalists have a rich history of religious education and exploration.  We’re among those who expect to learn and grow throughout our entire lives.    This morning we celebrate and honor the rich learning and growing this past year in religious education at ERUUF.     We’ll dedicate our newest babies and children in this service. 

May 13, 2018

We Sing Our Thanks and Praise
Rev. Cayer, worship leader; Gerda Presson, worship associate
Music: Eno River Singers choirs

Gratitude is a practice that can help us live with meaning, hope, and joy, despite the reality that at times life is painful and unjust.


May 6, 2018

Coming of Age Service
John Bush, Julia Tyler and Coming of Age Youth, worship leaders
Music: Kate Lewis, Coming of Age youth

Our Coming of Age youth have been busy all year and this morning they lead the service and share their credos.   The truth, love and support flowing through this service always make it one of the most inspiring of the year. 

April 29, 2018

Expressive Acts: Outward Manifestations of Inward Power
Rev. Jacqueline Brett, worship leader. Virginia Williams, worship associate

Writer Margaret Wheatley says, "An expressive act is not to achieve a goal outside myself / but to express a conviction / a leading, a truth that is within me.” What convictions are we expressing, what truths lie within each of us? How might we know?

April 22, 2018

Church of What We Know

In our continued celebration of Blue Boat Home Weekend, singer songwriter Peter Mayer delivers today's sermon. He writes songs for a small planet—songs about interconnectedness and the human journey; about the beauty and mystery of the world. Whimsical, humorous, and profound, his music breaks the boundaries of "folk", and transcends to a realm beyond the everyday love song, to a place of wonder at the very fact of life itself.

April 15, 2018

More Than the Sum of Our Parts
Rev. Deborah Cayer, worship leader. Marc Maxmiester, worship associate

Ant and bee colonies operate without hierarchy, on the basis of shared information, with individuals acting within clearly defined roles.  Out of this elegant simplicity, complex societies emerge that enable the group to do what no single individual is able to achieve.   People have the power to do this too.  Where might the holy be in all this?

Special Music by the Beloved Community Chorus

April 8, 2018

Emergence of the New South
Mateo Arnold, Joan Tilghman and Rev. Cayer, service leaders.

The musician, Astor Piazzolla, felt the pull of Argentina always pulling him south, toward home.  What's the pull in our South today?   What's newly emerging here that's pulling us home?  

Music: ERUUF wind quintet, Wuudwhims