UUA General Assembly

UUA General Assembly General Session

General Assembly (GA) 2020 (June 24-28) will be entirely online, with the theme “Rooted, Inspired, & Ready!” Below is the link to the UUA GA Wednesday evening celebration and plenary session. We have conflicting information (and are unable to get clarification) about whether the Wednesday 7:30 pm GA Ceremony is actually part of the free offerings. We're hoping for the best and sympathize if you tune in at 7:30 and find that you cannot attend. 

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June 21, 2020

Somebody’s Hurting Our People (and it’s gone on far too long)  
Rev. Deborah Cayer

43% of all Americans are low income or live in poverty without health insurance, living wages, clean water, or voting protections. The Poor People’s Campaign movement challenges interlocking systemic evils and our nation’s skewed morality and their national March on Washington takes place on June 20.


June 14, 2020

The Shalom of the Movement for Black Lives
Revs. Deborah Cayer, Stacy Grove and LeLaina Romero
Music: Kate Lewis and LeLaina Romero

June 7, 2020

Fierce Compassion
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: Eno River Singers Ensemble

As we watch anger and pain unfold across our screens, how can we keep our anxious, weary hearts open to the new reality that's trying to be born among us? What's the best way for us to accompany each other through this time? This morning we'll honor our graduating high school seniors who are Bridging out of our youth program. Rev. Cayer, worship leader. Music by the Eno River Singers Ensemble.

May 31, 2020

To Trust the Dawning Future More 
Revs. Deborah Cayer and Stacy Grove
Music: Rah Bickley, Sally Franz, Steve Franklin, Helen Wolfson and Eric Thomas, and Kate Lewis

People are talking about what they're learning from COVID-19, both the silver linings and the deeper dystopian realities some are shockingly aware of for the first time.  As people who are committed to making ethical choices, and helping to bend the moral arc of the universe, what might Unitarian Universalists do in this time?   

In the early part of the service, we'll honor our Religious Education teachers, mentors, and advisors. Musicians this morning include Rah Bickley, Sally Franz, Steve Franklin, Helen Wolfson and Eric Thomas, and Kate Lewis. Rev. Deborah Cayer and Rev. Stacy Grove are worship leaders.    

May 24, 2020

Mending Dry Bones
Rev. Mykal O'Neal Slack
Music: Members of the Beloved Community Chorus, Kate Lewis

It’s hard to know what to do when you’re in the valley. The tumult and treading down and perplexity of the hard places seem to be too much to bear or manage. In the recognition of and reckoning with where we find ourselves in these times, it would be understandable to run from what is true. But what if we leaned in in our own way? What if we looked back to move forward? Join us as we settle gently, and perhaps even a little uncomfortably, into what it may mean to mend dry bones.

May 20, 2020

Wednesday Evening Vespers Worship Service

Join us on Wednesday evenings for short, informal services that include recorded music, readings, stories, spoken and silent meditation, or prayer.

Wednesday evenings, 7:00 pm via Zoom (online). 


May 17, 2020

The World According to Religious Liberals
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: Eno River Singers, Chalice Singers, Kate Lewis

What is it about Unitarian Universalism that makes it fit like a personally tailored garment for some of us (while it sends others away scratching their heads)? It's not so much the content of our beliefs (no god? God?) as it's a way that we have come to understand and move through the world.

There will be wonderful music this morning by ERUUF members of all ages, virtual offerings by the Chalice Singers, Eno River Singers, and more. Rev. Deborah Cayer and Worship Associate Henry Amador-Batten will lead the service.

May 10, 2020

Mothering in Captivity
Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
Music: Trilight and Kate Lewis
It's an annual tradition to celebrate mothers and other caregivers, and a blessing to be a part of a community where we can honestly share the shadow side of the role as we've experienced it. In these pandemic times, when every mom is a "stay at home mom," the shadows may stand out more starkly. Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will lead this morning's service. Todd Resly is the Worship Associate. 
Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz most recently served the UU Fellowship in Winston-Salem, and now has moved to Asheville NC to be on hand to help her daughter transition to motherhood. Rev. Schwartz will share her reflections, and hope to evoke some of yours.   

May 3, 2020

Giving Voice to Grief
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: ERUUF's ministers and music directors will lead this service.

This morning we'll acknowledge the losses, large and small, that we've all experienced these last several weeks. We'll share brief words from our members and friends (with their permission of course) about their experiences of loss and grief. We'll end with affirmation about how we're going on individually and together.

April 26, 2020

New Ways to Live
Rev. Deborah Cayer
Music: Jewelsong, Chris Macon, Kate Lewis

In this Earth Day service, members of the Earth Justice team lead us in grieving our environmental losses, dreaming the future, and envisioning new ways to live. Betsy Bickel, Lila Rosa, worship leaders, with reflections by Jane Slentz-Kesler, Chris Macon, and Jean Ritok. Rev. Cayer, worship team leader. Music by Jewelsong, Chris Macon, and Kate Lewis.


April 19, 2020

Inescapable Network of Mutuality
Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Music: LeLaina Romero, Mykal Slack, Kate Lewis, Chris Macon

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King famously wrote in his Letter From a Birmingham Jail, "All [people] are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."

This Sunday we will focus on the implications of our inescapable network of mutuality both at ERUUF and in the larger world. We will also welcome and enter into covenant with 15 new members who have joined ERUUF this year! Music: LeLaina Romero, Mykal Slack, Kate Lewis, and Chris Macon.