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"Tear Soup" for Our Community

Dear families,
We know many of you have experienced significant grief in the last almost two years. In our community, we have lost family members and friends. We've lost expected time and joy with loved ones. We've experienced loss of opportunities, work, plans, time, perceived safety, and loss of expected and longed-for pleasures. We've had a loss of local community on many levels. And all this while we simultaneously know, "It takes a village..."  The losses have piled up, and much of this grief goes unnamed. 
Gratitude is a healthy, wholesome practice that lifts the spirit. If you tend toward your sorrows, start with gratitude. If you tend toward avoiding your sorrows (/"spiritual bypassing" as I've heard it called), you might start with honing in on your losses. It can be helpful to acknowledge what has been hard. What are the sorrows you've kept tucked up in your heart, mostly out of mind? There have been many ambiguous and unmistakable losses in these last two years. How are you; how is your heart doing?   
Tear Soup Book CoverWe want to offer some co-caring resources between ERUUF families. An ERUUFian gave me a copy of Tear Soup (video of the book here), and I thought we might provide some "tear soup" recipes for one another over this winter time. Do you have a favorite, comforting soup recipe? If so, please send it to me. I'm going to compile the recipes and we'll send them out with a copy of the book to anyone needing some warm comfort. We can also create more soup meal trains for anyone looking for something tangible. If you are in need of a Tear Soup book, recipes, and/or meals, please reach out; no explanations necessary, but we're here if you do want to talk. 
Yours in faith,
The Courage to Believe Something Good Is Possible
By Way of Sorrow, to Days of Joy 

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