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Racial Equity

In July ERUUF’s White Awareness Group will offer a 30 Day Racial Equity Challenge as a learning space for white people who are committed to leaning into the work of dismantling racism and white supremacy.  In this challenge participants will learn what it means to be anti-racist, how to identify and dismantle our biases, what it means to center people of color and be an effective ally, and will make plans to continue to lean into this ongoing work for racial justice.

There are two components to this 30 Day Racial Equity Challenge. First, beginning on July 1, individual participants will select and complete one simple, readily available resource from the online collection curated by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. for his 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge. These range from very short video clips, to short online articles, documentaries and films, and books. Dr. Moore welcomes all to use this collection free of charge.  Participants will take responsibility to choose, track and reflect on their individual daily learning.  

Second, we will gather together online each of the five Wednesday evenings in July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29  from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.  We’ll share some learning in a large group and then participants will go to smaller breakout groups for discussion.  At the end of the challenge participants will make plans to continue their anti-racism learning and action alone and with others.  


***Registration for this event has closed.***

This 30 Day Racial Equity Challenge is offered as learning space for white people, because working with others who have been socialized into the same racial identity can help us wake up, dismantle internal oppression and create something more just and equitable for ourselves and others.  We believe this is a time when it’s crucial to lean into that discomfort with other white people who are committed to this part of the work for racial justice.  (There are many other opportunities at ERUUF for learning and sharing in multiracial groups.  ERUUF’s People of Color group also meets together once a month.)  And, because accountability is crucial in this work, we are committed to being in conversation with people of color throughout this project and beyond.  
Review the resources we’ll use for ERUUF’s 30 Day Racial Equity Challenge, created by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. here.
If you have questions contact David Huber or Rev. Deborah Cayer.