We invite you to create a legacy of giving to help sustain ERUUF’s vision into the future. Also known as planned giving, legacy giving typically designates assets in your estate and comes to fruition upon your passing. At its simplest, you create a legacy when you include ERUUF in your will. Legacy gifts may also come from insurance or retirement accounts or charitable trusts.  

We know that  ERUUFians express their commitments to ERUUF in many ways— by pledging annually, by donations for special projects, as well as through countless volunteer hours.  That commitment includes recognizing and wanting to support the needs of this vibrant community long into the future. 

Want to learn more? Let’s have a conversation!
Call ERUUF at 919-489-2575 or Email .

The Planned Giving Team (Alice Alexander, Holly McKinney, and Jean O’Barr), in conjunction with the ministers, are available to help you plan a legacy gift. You can make a gift that builds greater sustainability of ERUUF’s mission well into the future.

Whether you have already established a legacy gift or made provisions for one in the future, please complete an Intent Form and submit it to the ERUUF office, so we can honor your wishes.

Determining your legacy: what is your vision for ERUUF's future?

What motivates your support of ERUUF? Are you concerned that we remain a beacon of liberal religion for future generations, sustaining a vibrant community that nurtures our spirits and puts our faith into action?  Do you want to strengthen our pathways for spreading justice and creating a culture where racial equity is the norm? Do you want to ensure that ERUUF continues to grow and mature, and strengthen our capacity to respond to changing circumstances? A planned gift allows you to be thoughtful about your commitment to ERUUF, and create a legacy of support in a way that you choose.

Directing your legacy: how is your vision best realized?

You can choose if your gift goes to

1. ERUUF, becoming part of the annual budget or added to a reserve fund or

2. Eno River Fellowship Foundation, to be invested in the endowment generating sustainable revenue for the long-term benefit of ERUUF. You can further direct your gift be invested in one of several funds:

    • Initiatives and Enhancement Fund
    • General Fund (unrestricted)
    • Learning and Growth Fund
    • Building Beloved Community Fund
    • Beyond Our Walls Fund

Learn more about the Foundation and available funds here.

Structuring your legacy: how will you set up your plan?

 There are multiple ways to arrange for a planned gift. You are encouraged to consult with a legal or financial advisor. Members of the Planned Giving Team would welcome assisting you. Visit Ways to Give for more details and email .

Bequests in a will or living trust
By naming either ERUUF or the Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, you can make a charitable commitment while retaining full use of your assets during your lifetime. Bequests of all sizes are encouraged and may be made for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the total estate, or a residual portion of the estate.

Have you included ERUUF in your will or estate plan? Let us know by completing this Planned Giving Intent Form, or send us a letter, so we are aware of and can honor your intentions.

Other Types of Planned Gifts
* Beneficiary designation for a life insurance policy or a retirement account
* Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity through the UUA
* Charitable Trust through the UUA
Living Gifts
Some people have the means and desire to give now. Members of the Planned Giving Team would be pleased to work with you to accept donations of cash or appreciated assets, such as stocks or real estate. You could consider a grant from a private/family foundation or Donor Advised Fund. 

Would you like to learn more about planned giving options that can benefit you, people important to you, and ERUUF? Email  or visit:

Thank you for wanting to ensure a solid future for ERUUF by considering a legacy gift!


Contact Person: Alice Alexander
Staff Partner: Daniel Trollinger, Director of Administration, Rev. Deborah Cayer, Lead Minister