Coronavirus Updates - ERUUF

Updates from the Fellowship

  • The solar project has been installed and is awaiting final inspection before being switched on. It’s a beautiful sight on the CARE Building roof!
  • Based on the continued spread of the coronavirus, we expect that worship will continue to be “online only” well into the fall and possibly beyond. Thanks to a generous grant from the Eno River Foundation, webcast recording equipment has been installed in the ERUUF Sanctuary. Staff are eagerly learning the new system so that even though you can’t come to ERUUF, soon we’ll be able to “bring ERUUF to you!” We’re very grateful to the Foundation for this generous gift which will make it possible to continue to share Sunday morning from the Sanctuary long after the pandemic is just a story we tell in the future.
  • We’re also planning for church school and adult programs to be “online only” this fall. We’re ready to pivot back to “in person” as soon as it’s safe to do so. But while it’s not safe we’re checking in with our members to find out what they need and we’ll do our best to respond with online groups and classes.


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The Earth Justice Action Group and the Green Sanctuary (GS) Accreditation Team are excited to announce formal approval of our congregational Green Sanctuary Candidacy Application by the UUA Green Sanctuary Program!  The UUA GSP approval letter is available here. This accomplishment allows our congregation to move into the fifth and final stage of the accreditation process, implementation of our approved Action Plan.

Upon completion of our Action Plan, we are eligible to apply for accreditation status which we hope to secure by the end of the calendar year 2021.

The purpose of UUA Green Sanctuary Accreditation is to support and facilitate UU congregations in living in greater accord with our UU Principles, particularly our 7th Principle, “respect for the interdependent web of life of which we are part”. Green Sanctuary Accreditation is a congregational strategic goal (see ERUUF 2016-2019 Strategic Plan).  The Green Sanctuary Accreditation Team began its work in August 2017. From August 2017 until now, the Team has successful completed these required steps:

  1.       Team Building, Congregational Education, and Congregational Engagement
  2.       Congregational Assessment
  3.       Creating an Action Plan
  4.       Applying for GS Candidacy

The fifth and final step includes completing 12 ambitious projects in four areas of congregational life, worship & celebration, religious education (youth and adult), environmental justice, and sustainable living. For example, one of our sustainable living projects is, “ERUUF Solar 2021” with desired outcomes being the reduction of our carbon footprint and contribution to humanity’s transition to a clean energy future.

To be successful in this last phase will require broad congregational engagement. Thus, we invite you to check out the GS Action Plan and see what project(s) “call you” the most. Once you identify a project of interest, please contact the identified Project Lead. You may also contact one of the GS co-chairs, Albert Hardy, or Denise Frizzell, .


Contact Person: Albert Hardy or Denise Frizzell
Role: Co-chairs
Staff Partner: Rev. Jacqueline Brett, Minister of Congregational Engagement